Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse | Internal Alchemy

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Pisces/Virgo 24 degrees 19 min
September 16, 2016
12:05pm PDT
3:05pm EDT

Friday’s Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a time to allow for deep healing to arise as we re-connect to the collective heart and heal our soul wounds. Regardless of the outer events in the world, the primary shift is internal and the eclipse calls for our openness to it’s alchemy.

The ancients viewed lunar eclipses as a monster, dragon or wild animal attacking the Moon, often turning it blood red or swallowing it entirely. They feared that the evil creature would then fall to Earth and eat them next so to frighten it off they would shake their spears and howl at the Moon in an act of defiance and some would say, lunacy.

Full Moons are often a time of crisis as the Sun and Moon oppose one another and polarize our sense of purpose against our emotional nature. An eclipse amplifies the sense of destiny as the Lunar Nodes of Destiny are closely aligned with the lunation and the hand of fate engages in the human drama.

Vivid dreams, overwhelming emotion, letting go

The Moon in Pisces is a dreamy Moon that drifts into the ocean of the collective emotional realms to tap into the bloodstream of inspiration and fantasy. It’s a time of vivid dreams and waking dreams as the Moon yearns to escape from the mundane duties and excessive worries of Sun in Virgo.

Neptune, the ruler of the Moon, is conjunct the South Lunar Node in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of sacrifice and letting go, themes echoed by the South Node. The 3rd decan of Pisces further emphasizes the sense of martyrdom and it’s worth being mindful of not allowing our boundaries to slide too far in placating others.

We may find ourselves letting go of possessions, familiar situations or loved ones as this can be a time of endings. If we’re overwhelmed by emotion then we’re in the alchemical process of this Pisces eclipse.

Health crises and deep healing

This eclipse can bring about an emphasis of health and healing. The Pisces nature may ignore practical issues such as health yet the Virgo polarity with the North Node within orb of Mercury retrograde may illuminate news around a health issue long overdue that has reached a crisis point.

The Moon conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, invites us on a medicine walk for deep holistic healing – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Relationship adjustments

Venus in Libra is in an uncomfortable inconjunct to the Moon and Chiron suggesting our desires for harmonious relationships may be out of balance with our needs for deep healing. Or perhaps our attempts to make peace may be awkward or wounding. Are we placating too much at the risk of our own needs? Keep in mind we’re still in Mercury retrograde so clear communication and understanding may just be elusive at this time.

“In charge but not in control”

This phrase was an astute observation by astrologer Jessica Murray on the current Saturn-Neptune square which is in tight alignment at this eclipse and which is echoed by the eclipse’s T-square to Mars in Sagittarius, ruling the 3rd decan of Pisces.

Taking charge is what Mars does well in a fire sign and Sagittarius gives it the fuel to undertake passionate acts of defiance in the name of great causes.

The recent Dakota pipeline protests to protect the sacred Native American grounds is one example of the collective rally around a higher cause in which the lines are blurred between who is truly in charge and who is in control.

It’s interesting to note that ancient Native Americans, have a different theory on lunar eclipses than many other cultures. For them, lunar eclipses were a time for the tribe to gather in song and prayer to heal the wounded Moon and restore it to back to health with their collective love and gratitude. Returning to the essence of the tribe can bring healing even now in our modern and evolving world.

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