How astrology helped me get sober


I never thought ‘sobriety’ was something I had to worry about.  The image of Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas as a lonely drunk in a hotel room was so far from my personal experience.  

But it was becoming clear that my dependence on alcohol wasn’t doing me any favors.

As an astrologer, I’m lucky to be able to forecast trends that affect the future.  So a few months ago when I saw my transits for 2016, I was worried.

Saturn, also known as Lord Karma, was approaching my natal Neptune.  Neptune is where we seek escape and it’s often difficult for us to ‘see’ this part of ourselves.  So this was saying to me that karma was coming home to roost in the area where I am turning a blind eye to.  (Yikes.)

My biggest means of escape, if I took an honest look at myself, was alcohol.  I turned 21 in Paris and ever since then, wine to me represented sophistication, elegance and celebration.  It was an essential part of a good dinner and I told myself it had health benefits.  I developed a pretty steady drinking habit and for the most part, I felt it was under control.  

But then, my mother passed away.

I immediately turned to alcohol to help numb the pain.  But after I came out of those first few months of grief, alcohol was still my constant companion.  I had fallen into the habit of it being not only an escape but a means of relaxation and even a source of joy.

I was feeling less able to cope with the demands of life and I constantly questioned my decisions.

Back to the astrology – what I could see from my transits and what my experience was telling me was that things were really happening for me:  

~I received a scholarship to a professional astrologer’s conference;

~I was asked to write for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, a major international astrology blog;

~I’ve been invited to speak at a local professional astrologer’s group;

~In February I’ll be announced as one of Kaypacha’s Dream Team of astrologers for New Paradigm Cooperative.

~I’m teaching a 10-week online course on Soul Centered Astrology starting Jan 26.

This is BIG stuff, evidenced by Pluto squaring my natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter sextile my natal Venus, ruler of my Midheaven.

When opportunities like this come along, you can either let them pass you by, coast along and do just enough to get by, or you can wake up, get busy and make the most of them.

I decided it was time to wake up.  I didn’t want to be in a haze of alcohol as my dreams were becoming a reality.  

My last hurrah was a trip to New Orleans on my 40th birthday on Dec 28 (where I also eloped!  Squeee!).  I gave myself full rein to drink as much champagne, wine and cocktails as I wanted through the New Year.  It was a bittersweet goodbye to a longtime love.

Me in my cocktail imbibing days.
Me in my cocktail imbibing days.

The January New Moon in Capricorn was conjunct Pluto which made it ideal for banishing bad habits and creating long lasting change at a deep level.  It, as well as Mercury retrograde in Capricorn was occurring in my 1st house of self and body.  This gave me just the momentum I needed to reform, remake and revitalize my wellness.

Because my natal Neptune is in the 11th house of groups, I thought I’d start a group for those overcoming alcohol dependency and it has been amazing.  The support we receive from one another has been tremendous and I credit it for helping me make a smooth transition to sobriety.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks of zero alcohol, and all in all it has been relatively painless.  As they say, the timing was just right.

I read a blog post by a recovering alcoholic that said sobriety made life “less like russian roulette and more like chess,” and I totally agree with this.  I love knowing that I am in control of my destiny.  No more second-guessing myself.

As for the astrology, would I have faced my alcohol problem without knowing my astrology?  Possibly.  Or, it could have taken Lord Karma to create some outer event to make me ‘wake up’ to what was going on that I refused to face.  But having the insight of my transits empowered me to do the internal work necessary knowing that the stars were on my side.

We’re nearing the end of a very intense Mercury retrograde, where I’m sure many of you have been doing profound inner questioning as well.  Mercury retrograde in an Earth sign can knock us off our intended track and guide us to working on the foundations our life is built upon.  

Tonight, the doors close to my 10-week intermediate level astrology course.  For the cost of 2 private astrology sessions, you can learn the techniques to empower yourself to understand your own personal astrology and make choices and decisions that support your brightest future.

If you want to learn more, visit the Course page here.  The doors close tonight at Midnight EST.   

Blessings to you for a powerful Leo Full Moon!

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