Leo Birthday

Here Comes The Sun

The Sun is in the bold sign of Leo and it’s not alone – communicative Mercury is joined with him and together they WILL tell you just what is on their mind. Sun-Mercury in Leo means bold statements, big beliefs and strong will. Both are trine to Saturn which gives us the discipline to build and create!

The Sun rules Leo see he’s especially bright and shiny here. That means our purpose, will and vitality can be enhanced by the bright light of the Sun. Leo wants to be the center of attention but we’ll want to be careful of a tendency toward arrogance and exaggeration… however the Sun in Leo is often charming enough to get away with this behavior wink emoticon

For many of us this is a welcome change from last month’s Sun in Cancer that put us in touch with our vulnerability and moodiness. With the Sun’s shift into Leo for the next month, we’ll likely be more willing to make an impact and let our voice be heard.

Leo rules the heart and tends to be ‘big hearted’, generous and effusive in enthusiasm. However, with Venus turning retrograde this weekend for 40 days, we may have a ‘confusion of the heart’ that we’ll be grappling with. We’ll have to find ways to harmonize these very different impulses of outer enthusiasm versus inner retreat. Our hearts are going through a metamorphosis that will lead to greater and truer expressions of love.

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