Summer Solstice

{Happy Solstice!} The Turning Point

Today at 12:37 PM EDT, the Sun enters Cancer and marks the Solstice. As I mentioned before, this is the maximum point of the Sun in the Northern hemisphere where it reaches it’s peak of yang, and we’ll soon be allowing in the yin (opposite for the Southern hemisphere). Regardless of where you live, consider this a significant turning point and a chance to reorient, if necessary.

The sign of Cancer acts to cool the heat of the Sun’s energy. Cancer is the sign of the feminine, the mother, and can help to soften the hard drive of the yang, if only slightly. The Sun is still the Sun, afterall, but now he’s ‘answering’ to the Moon, the ruler of Cancer. As moon beings, we women must learn to receive as well as give. And this primarily comes down to our sense of self-worth.

The Moon for her part is being squared by Saturn in Scorpio as she transitions from courageous Leo to the more service-oriented Virgo. The rush of creative energy we may feel earlier in the day, can give way to a need to turn inward and clean house – physically or emotionally. Virgo can be perfectionist and self-critical, so we want to watch for this tendency and channel it into a more useful energy, one of self-reflection.

After all the forward movement, the drive to achieve and succeed, where do you now find yourself? We’re being asked to ponder how things came to be the way they are. Like any good mystery, it requires patience and curiosity to unravel. Forgiveness can help you find a way out of the dead ends. Perhaps it won’t be solved right away. But it’s in the reflection of who we are, what got us here and who we want to become that can help direct how the path unfolds from here on out.

Wishing you a blessed Solstice!

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