5 session astro course

Happy Friday!

Today’s Leo Moon is giving us the opportunity to SHINE. As we lead up to Sunday’s Solstice, we’ll want to embody our purpose in these days and align with what truly lights us up.

The Solstice is the annual peak of the Sun and represents the MAXIMUM POINT of our conscious will. How will you be celebrating Sunday’s Solstice? It will be Father’s Day in the US, a perfect opportunity to honor the yang energy at it’s peak.

My 5-week astrology course on The Basics of The Natal Chart is starting NEXT THURSDAY! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn astrology and tap into the ancient art of astrology in a private tribe of astrologer lovers. We’ll take our understanding of ourselves to a whole new level. Join us!

Get all the details here: bit.ly/summerastrocourse

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