Gemini New Moon

{Gemini New Moon} The Impulse of Ambition

Today we’re in the energy of the Gemini New Moon. New moons are a fusion of our emotions and our purpose. What makes this new moon special is that Mars, the planet of raw power is joined with both the Sun and Moon to make us sense the potency of this alignment. We’ll have the opportunity for fresh starts and breaking out of our ruts.

New moons are when the ‘egg’ of our desires is ‘fertilized’ with our intention. We become ‘pregnant’ with a new idea to be nurtured. We often don’t have the structure in place just yet for our desire to manifest in the world. This is where faith and focused intention are needed. Mars will stir our sense of ambition. You don’t need to fully flesh out how you will get from A to Z right now. Align strongly with the sensation of who you will be being when that desire is birthed. And then tell yourself “I’ve decided.” This is one of the most powerful mantras to call in your destiny.

Uranus rules the degree of this New Moon in Gemini and can provide some much needed self-expression. Uranus wants to be the innovator, the eccentric and the leader of the pack. A trine to Jupiter in Leo promises unexpected blessings if you accept the invitation to boldly shine your light.

As Mercury went direct last week, he emerged from the Underworld to reveal what needs your attention and focus. What new information came to your attention that you can apply now to fuel your impulse of ambition? This is a crucial time to follow your inner knowing. In time, you’ll look back and see how your path unfurled with each step at this very crucial point in time.

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