Gemini New Moon | Escape Hatch

Gemini New Moon
Exact Saturday, June 4
10:59 pm EST
14 degrees 53 minutes Gemini

Shattered Images

Before we even approach the New Moon and the Grand Cross, there’s been some unavoidable tumult in our midst making it too tempting to shatter our good girl image as Eris, the goddess of discord joins Uranus the Great Awakener in the warrior sign of Aries.

Across the zodiac, the partnership asteroid Juno rx recently conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio symbolizes the enraged feminine no longer willing to keep those dark secrets of disempowerment to herself and is willing to vilify, crucify and expose those who’ve wronged her (e.g. The fun-loving Captain Jack Sparrow portrayed as a drunken wine bottle-wielding slugger, for instance). 

Gemini New Moon conjunct Venus

It’s in this atmosphere of awakening and getting real that the New Moon of Gemini completes a Mutable Grand Cross. It need not be a downward spiral from here though, if we’re willing to have faith in the opportunities arising from sudden shifts of fate and alignment of opportunities.

New Moons signify new beginnings and often they’re a subtle nudge or inner stirring. This Gemini New Moon, however, wants to deliver the message of your future direction in vivid colors. The challenging thing will be to decide where to focus and what to believe. Not all paths can be forged at once and if you’re spread too thin it could be time to rip off the bandage, make the tough call or find the escape hatch.

Venus is on her way to a superior conjunction with the Sun, exact June 6th. She joins this New Moon at 14 Gemini and is in a mutual reception with the New Moon’s ruler, Mercury in Taurus suggesting that our heart’s desire can lead the way even if the goal seems lofty or out of reach. There’s enough practicality (Taurus) as there is whimsy (Gemini) in this New Moon to give us the assurance that if we jump, we’ll land on our feet.

Mutable Grand Cross

Since Fall of 2015, we’ve been influenced by the Mutable T-Square of Saturn in Sagittarius (solidifying belief systems) squaring Neptune in Pisces (compassion and release) and Jupiter in Virgo (integrity in service) and aligned with the lunar Nodes of Destiny.

Whatever we consider to be our ‘high ideals’ have come more to the foreground of our lives. The losses we’ve suffered, the injustices we’ve witnessed and the anxiety of our significance are coming together to create a picture of what the future holds for our evolution both personally and collectively.

The New Moon triggers this entire configuration of Air, Fire, Earth and Water as an invitation to see the patterns of the grand game we’re playing. Whether we’re pawns or protagonists, it’s time we face that it’s by choice and not just by design. The level of our conscious awareness allows us as much insight and empowerment as we’re willing to accept.  

Choose wisely, adjust your sails and make your contribution matter. The important thing is to lead with your heart.