Gemini Full Moon | Return to the Source

It seems difficult to get any peace and quiet these days. Even when we turn off the tv and social media, it’s as if the noise is still rattling our minds and reverberating in our consciousness.

Recently, I was on the phone with my kinesiologist Roxanne and as I was venting about all the goings on stressing me out she was handed a note from her plumber who’d come to check the noise from her pipes. It said, “EXPANSION NOISE”.

Roxanne’s pipes were apparently expanding from the weather. But something about this message had a deep resonance. There’s an expansion of human consciousness occurring at this moment within the collective. Some insights on the astrology can help enlighten us on the atmosphere and how we can respond…

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – revolutionary transformation

Tragically, the Paris terror attacks occurred just as the Uranus-Pluto square was tightening. This is the defining astrological transit of our generation that calls for revolutionary transformation. This same astrological influence that gave rise to terrorist activity is also what brought to our consciousness Occupy Wall Street, the Black Lives Matter movement, Millions Against Monsanto, the Arab Spring and many other ‘revolutions’ both beneficial and destructive. This is the global expansion noise.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces – dissolving belief structures

We are also experiencing the first of three alignments of the Saturn-Neptune square (exact on Friday), another long-term influential transit. What we want to be mindful of at this time is paranoia and fanaticism. This transit has a lot to do with belief. What and whom do we trust? Discernment may not come easy, but the more we can bend, the less chance there is of breaking.

The beauty of the Saturn-Neptune square is it can also provide us the opportunity to create our dreams in the physical world. To manifest our most colorful fantasies and create from our highest beliefs. Inspiration is the key to flying high versus getting swept up in the rip tide of doubt.

Gemini Full Moon – Beginner’s Mind

It’s in this atmosphere that we’ll experience the Gemini Full Moon (exact Wednesday at 5:44pm EST at 3 degrees Gemini) and Thanksgiving in the US. As is characteristic of Gemini, there’s an abundance of communication zipping around. Sharing information is a way for us to make sense of our world, to connect with others and to be entertained.

But what we’re being invited to do with the Gemini Full Moon is to distinguish knowledge from wisdom.

Full Moons are about balancing the polarity of the influence of the Moon (Gemini) and the Sun (Sagittarius). Sagittarius is the guru to Gemini’s student. The Sun, Mercury and Saturn are in Sagittarius, sign of higher wisdom, spirituality and belief. For belief to have an impact, there needs to be more than an abundance of facts and water-tight arguments. It requires faith and a resonance of truth.

And the truest path to access deep wisdom is with a beginner’s mind. Gemini aligns us with our childhood, a time when our minds were open, curious and impressionable. The insight of 3 degrees Gemini translated by Dane Rudhyar is a “return to the source.”

As beings on a path of evolving consciousness, we must reflect on what’s been stirred up inside of us from recent events. If the answers can’t be found in your usual belief system, perhaps it’s time to open a new door of perception.

Jupiter, planet of expansion, spirituality and optimism, is at the September eclipse degree of 20 Virgo and ruling much of the sky at this time. Jupiter in Virgo is calling us to rise to the occasion and be of service. It’s aligned with Chiron in Pisces, planet of soul gifts, encouraging us that our talents have the ability to heal.

Jupiter also rules ritual and ceremony. If at any time the emotional burdens become too great, know that you don’t have to shoulder them alone. Energetically give them up to your Angels, guides or ancestors. Any ritual, no matter how small or elaborate, can be magically powerful at this time.

Thanksgiving is a sacred celebration of opening our eyes to the gift we have of loved ones in our lives. Let’s return to our personal source of nourishment. Sharing this holiday season with those we care about is truly worthy of our deepest gratitude.

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