Equinox | Balance, Harmony and Destiny


Today is the Autumn Equinox for us in the Northern hemisphere (Spring for our Southern hemisphere friends) and it seems like just yesterday that I was hanging out in the sunshine by the pool.

In fact, it WAS just yesterday! Check out my Periscope for my poolside cosmic chat at @radaintastro.

But today’s a different story. The Autumn Equinox is ushering in the Fall season with dark clouds rolling in and they’re apparently here to stay a while.

The Fall Equinox is marked by the Sun entering the sign of Libra as we experience a period of equal days and nights. The nights will grow longer and the days shorter and we’ll sense a desire to get cozy.

Libra is the relational sign in the zodiac who seeks balance and harmony. While this may be our core intent at this time, we can find ourselves challenged over the coming days as Mercury retrograde squares Pluto – who is turning direct. This can lead to intense conversations and interactions.

The opportunity available is having a deep conversation with someone that transforms you both. A profound opening of awareness. The pitfall to watch out for is power struggles, conflict and obsessive thoughts about what you cannot control.

When the goal is cooperation and balance, your words and tone are crucial. Our default right now is to be blunt, forceful and intense with this aspect.

Hold yourself to a higher standard than ever before.

This doesn’t mean not being authentically self expressed. But know that the words you use, your tone and delivery have a great impact right now.

So does your silence.

I’ve been speaking a lot about Destiny lately and here we have yet another moment of Destiny calling because the North Node of Destiny is joining the Sun and both are at the Super Galactic Center.

If events in our lives feel significant right now, consider that perhaps they are. It’s not always comfortable and many of us are experiencing the breakdown before the breakthrough.

As we approach Sunday’s potent lunar eclipse, allow yourself to move in the mystery ~ with both eyes wide open.

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