Eclipse Unity Circle (2)

As we enter the Fall season, this is a time like no other.  If you have the sense that there is something more going on within and without, you’re right.  And you aren’t alone.

September ushers in a powerful eclipse vortex beginning with a solar eclipse on September 13, followed by a transformative lunar eclipse ‘ascension blood moon’ on September 28.

Eclipses are times of accelerated evolution and non-linear destiny.  They’re times when we can sense the hand of fate at work in our metamorphosis.

The forces of the Universe want to speak to us in a way that elevates our experience in this life, and astrology is that language.

Whether we’re sensing the swirling energies within us or we’re caught up in the cyclonic undertow of life, what is arising has a purpose and if we’re awake and aware, we’ll be less afraid and sense the presence of Grace in all that unfolds in our lives.

I’ve created this private group as a safe space for those who want to use this powerful vortex to gain insight into the workings of the Universe, their own soul’s purpose and receive support and guidance during this intensely transformative time.

For 3 weeks from Sept 11 – Oct 1st, we’ll come together in a small group for lucidity, alchemy and integration.  Using the wisdom of astrology as well as alchemical ritual, I’ll help to guide and enlighten you on this journey of blossoming and expansion of light.

This 3 week program includes:

:: A small, secret Facebook group of like-minded lightworkers on the path of transformation and purpose.

:: You’ll learn to cast your astrology chart and I will provide guidance and insight on your personal astrology and how it’s being affected by the eclipses.

:: Monday Intention Blessings

:: A weekly healing and integration call to come together in sacred community

:: Guest teachings from some of the most gifted healers and coaches I know (see below).


:: I’m passionate about the practice of alchemy and it’s healing effects on the soul and psyche.  As an optional activity, I’ll offer you an alchemical ritual to to honor your ruling planet and align with it’s divine forces.  I’ll guide you through a sacred ritual with planet invocations, healing music, divination teas and altar creation.


We’ll have a glittering array of guests to enhance our healing and wisdom of this time of ascension and evolution.



LYNN LOUISE WONDERS channels the light language of Kuan Yin, “the sacred wind” and she’ll visit us for a special transmission that heals at the level of our DNA so that we may attune to the vibration of compassion.

KATIE KOZLOWSKI is a divine channel for the 5-D ascension that is rippling through humanity at this very pivotal time on Earth.  Katie has some brilliant insights on how to move with the ascension process with grace and trust.

MAUREEN SALADINO expoldes with wonder, faith and bad-assery.  Her heart is so huge and expansive that she creates shifts of joy in an instant.  As an Angel Abundance Guide, she’ll help us to access the deep well of prosperity and bliss within.

DANIELLE MERCURIO is a kundalini mentor and intuitive astrologist, she’ll create a special meditation to accessing the powerful kundalini energy during this potent eclipse vortex.

MIKE IAMELE will be our special guest for the lunar eclipse ‘blood moon’.  Mike is a maverick at creating sacred space wherever he goes and he will help us learn how we can ease into vulnerability in perfect trust and guided by grace.

~Program runs Sept 11 – October 1st ~


Wed, Sept 16 @ 8PM EST | Mercury rx in Libra ~ Past life lessons in relationships. Lightbearer guest, Julie A. Sergel

Mon, Sept 21 @ 6PM EST | Jupiter opposite Neptune ~ Gleaning gold from your dreams. Lightbearer guest, Kate Temple West

Wed, Sept 23 @ 8PM EST | Equinox extravaganza ~ Embodying transformation. Lightbearer guests, Danielle Mercurio and Maureen Saladino

Mon, Sept 28 @ 6pm EST | Ascension Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries ~ The emergence of soul nature. Lightbearer guest, Katie Kozlowski

Wed, Sept 30 @ 8pm EST | Integration Call, circle closes ~ Lightbearer guest, Lynn Louise Wonders

If you feel the call to join an enlightened group of light bearers willing and able to guide you through this time of massive transition, join us in the Eclipse Unity Circe.


I hope you’ll gather with us in a blessed community of exquisite care and unity.

Blessed be,

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