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Whether or not you witnessed first hand the momentous event of the solar eclipse totality, one thing is certain – it’s profoundly touched us in ways that will continue to unfold over the coming months and years.

One phrase I’ve seen repeatedly online from friends who experienced the eclipse totality is that they are “forever changed.”

My personal experience when the light of the Sun revealed a breathtaking halo of radiance from behind mother Moon is that I encountered the magnitude of what it means to be alive. It was as if the subconscious urge of expectation of the next moment was temporarily erased and I felt a true sense of timelessness and eternity.

Never have I felt such complete gratitude and awe. I too feel forever changed.

Many of you reading this understand that there is some truth in the practice of astrology. What kind of miraculous Universe do we live in where the unfolding of our destiny is encoded in the placement of the planets and stars at the exact moment of our first breath? It’s truly marvelous.

The solar eclipse was a New Moon and as we know this means we are waxing toward a Full Moon in PIsces on September 6, so let’s use this waxing period to integrate the lessons of the eclipse by being still within our being, feeling who we are meant to become and taking conscious┬ásteps toward that unfolding.

September 3 – 5 will be interesting days to observe as Mars conjuncts Mercury on the solar eclipse degree at 28 Leo. Mercury will station direct and perhaps have a message for us around our eclipse lesson.

One of my early astrology mentors always advised for eclipses to “wait and see.” Eclipse periods can make us feel in the dark, eclipsed. When the period ends around the next lunation, the lights come back on and we can again see. Hopefully this time with a renewed vision and clarity.

For those who are still waiting on their solar eclipse reading, I so appreciate your patience. Your specialness is important and my commitment is to have them complete this week. And for those of you who have flooded me with messages of how much you’ve loved your reading I sincerely thank each and every one of you and will respond when I can.

Eclipse blessings!

Astrological Guidance Session | Client Testimonial
“Words won’t be adequate to express my gratitude of the reading you have given me. It all makes so much sense and gives me much to contemplate, but also feels very affirming – I feel it makes sense of what I’m feeling right now, and have been for a few months, (maybe even years deep down) – a searching, a longing.

I will listen, write it down, and contemplate on your words and the questions you have presented to me.

Thank you so much, for your radiance, and your inspiration.” – Susie H.

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