Eclipse Circle | Sacred Destiny

Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred.


Are you ready for the eclipse transformation?

Join me for the Eclipse Circle | Sacred Destiny, an online sacred circle during eclipse season August 7 – 28 as we consciously align with our sacred destiny.

This course is a 4 week intensive circle on awakening your spiritual calling and transforming subconscious blocks to align with more CREATIVITY, CONFIDENCE + COURAGE of the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse.

We’re in eclipse season, an amplified vortex of accelerated evolution. Within this time is the ‘eclipse portal,’ a liminal space that can be as disorienting as it is miraculous.

This is a time where great care is called for. We can feel raw, vulnerable and ‘eclipsed.’ As we come together in community, the alchemy of our group intentions creates a powerful container for transformation and deep healing.

The magic of eclipses is their ability to open us up to ~

: Awaken to our higher destiny

: Transform subconscious blocks

: Resolve past karma

: Glimpse our future potential

: Manifest our heart’s desires

Many Buddhists believe that actions taken on lunar eclipses are karmically magnified 700,000 times. Those taken on solar eclipses are magnified 100 million times.

“Tibetan Buddhists say that the ramifications of any activity performed during an eclipse are greatly amplified – including any negative actions which can be multiplied many times and extend far into the future.

Thus, they suggest that people do meditation practices and other positive activities on the eclipses to benefit not only themselves, but also all other beings.”

– Demetra George, Finding our Way Through the Dark


During this time of heightened psychic energy, we’ll access the leading edge of our Sacred Destiny.

The powerful eclipse vortex – from the August 7 lunar eclipse to the August 21 solar eclipse – is the most potent portal of transformation.

By coming together in community, we not only feel supported but the energy of our intentions will be magnified exponentially creating magic + miracles.


Included in this sacred journey ~

: Monday ceremonies at 7pm Eastern via video conference to connect in our sacred circle and join in healing rituals.

: A secret online community + connection for students for sharing and support.

: Sunday meditation sangha.

: Weekly astrological reports.

: Spiritual guidance from the tarot, angels and Ascended Masters from Sara Love.

“As a past co-facilitator and participant of the Eclipse Circle, I can attest that Christina holds the space of pure love. The energetic merging of the participants creates a sacred circle where everyone is held in the light of love and support for profound transformation.

The Eclipse Circle is life changing and truly magical!”

Erin-Ashley Kerti, Spiritual


The Sacred Destiny journey, week-by-week:

Each weekly video call will be held Mondays at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern and include a brief review of the current astrology, sharing of our personal experiences and the week’s ritual. Community creates miracles! Calls last approximately 90 minutes.

Monday, Aug 7  ~ Opening Ceremony | Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius
Taking place on the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius, our meeting will focus on how much freedom and authenticity we’re experiencing in our lives. Our Freedom Intention Setting will heal our sense of alienation by finding pathways to heart connections as we liberate from past conditioning. 

Monday, Aug 14  ~ Inner Gold Alchemy Ritual
For this ceremony, we’ll pair up and exchange our Inner Gold with another sister to witness and support one another’s transformation. We’ll be in the height of the eclipse vortex and this ceremony will help us to align with our inner dignity while supporting our transformation. Required reading: Inner Gold by Robert A Johnson. 

Monday, Aug 21 ~ Solar Eclipse in Leo | Special Destiny Manifestation
Taking place on the Solar Eclipse in Leo we’ll co-create a massive long-reaching manifestation for CREATIVITY, CONFIDENCE + COURAGE aligned with the heart. It’s said that the intentions on this eclipse will have a 7 year effect, so we’ll be encouraged to Dream BIG as we manifest our heart’s desires and tap into our inner radiance. 

Monday, Aug 28 ~ Sacred Destiny Blessing + Integration
As the eclipse vortex comes to a close, we’ll focus on the value and beauty of “calming down.” When the system is calm, we have the ability to access the truth of our inner radiance.  We’ll retrieve our Inner Gold from our partner as we integrate the eclipse lessons and bless our continued unfolding toward our Sacred Destiny.

Items you’ll need ~

: Inner Gold by Robert A. Johnson
: Rose quartz crystal
: Candle
: Dream journal

The Sacred Destiny Team is ~

Daniella Veras: Leo Rising Goddess of Love + Clarity
Daniella will be sure everyone will have their chance to shine and provide support through the transformative journey. She is our ‘first responder’ to bring clarity should you need guidance or support. She’ll help keep our circle overflowing with love.

Sara Love: Liaison of Angelic Wisdom +
Ascended Master Enlightenment

Each student receives a written angelic guidance insight from Sara. She’ll support the group with healing insight from the Angels and Ascended Masters which will assist us in staying connected to our Higher Selves.

Christina Caudill: Astrological Guide + Ancestral Wisdom Keeper
Christina will lead the group through this eclipse alchemical experience using the wisdom of the cosmos and insight from the community of sacred ancestors. Eclipses connect us to the timelessness of existence and together we’ll tap into it’s power to transform our destiny.

Your special gifts included with this program include ~

Gift #1 Astrological eclipse messages – written guidance on your astrology for the eclipses. 

Gift #2 Personal eclipse tarot card insight from Sara Love

Gift #3 Eclipse Self Care Guide PDF


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