The Lunar Nodes – also known as the Nodes of Destiny – have moved into the Leo/Aquarius axis and will be transiting there for the next 18 months.

These points are associated with the Moon and our emotional needs and desires on both a collective as well as a personal level.

What is our collective destiny urging us to align with? Hint: it has to do with stepping into your special destiny.

The North Node in Leo will invite us to tap into our special destiny that we have within us and often takes courage for us to access. The South Node in Aquarius offers us the opportunity to align this destiny in service to the needs of others who resonate with our radiance.

You do not need to be a Leo or Aquarius to benefit from this transit! We all have Leo and Aquarius in our chart somewhere and by exploring the houses they rule and any planets in them, we’ll come to a better understanding of where we shine and how we can be of service to the greater good.

In this workshop, we’ll:
: Learn what the Nodes of Destiny mean for us personally and as a collective
: Look to past similar transits for historical trends of destiny calling
: Explore the potentials of this transit through the 12 houses
: Envision how to use this transit to courageously co-create your higher destiny

This workshop will be approximately 2 hrs and will include:
presentation on the Nodes of Destiny in Leo/Aquarius, Q+A as well as mini-chart interpretations of participant charts on your unfolding destiny over the next 18 months.

The live online workshop will be Thursday, June 1st at 7pm EDT via Zoom video conference. Upon purchase you’ll receive details on how to attend. The workshop will be recorded.

Seating is limited to 20 participants.