[Podcast Ep. 9] Die Wise with Stephen Jenkinson

When you face an ending, what is your “repertoire” of response?

In most cases, we resist what we don’t want to face to the point of denial or even escape. And often, we don’t dare speak of it. It’s almost as if we have a phobia around death and endings of all kinds. But when it comes to the most profound transitions in life that are undeniable and unstoppable – such as giving birth and dying – an important part of the processĀ is to face what it happening, attend to its sacredness and allow the necessary deepening to occur.

In Episode 9 of the Radiant Astrology Podcast, I speak with Stephen Jenkinson, subject of the documentary film Griefwalker and author of Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul.

During the current transit of Jupiter in Scorpio through November 2018, Scorpionic themes are expanded, which include our collective engagement with the issues of death and transformation. We also explore the concept of Elderhood which astrologically is symbolized by the coming transit of Saturn in Capricorn.

In this episode, Stephen Jenkinson and I discuss:

– Death phobia inĀ modern society
– Life supporting life on a daily basis
– Serving the death experience
– The need for Elderhood in the absence of elders

For more on Stephen Jenkinson, read his book Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul, view the trailer for the documentary film Griefwalker or visit his website www.orphanwisdom.com.