Design your 2018 destiny with me

As we wind down 2017 we no doubt have a sense that humanity is at an important turning point.

This year has given us an opportunity to define what we believe in and we can see how important it is the we align with our truth even in the face of opposition to those very hard-won, cherished beliefs.

2018 will usher in the year to stand and deliver. As Saturn comes home to it’s rulership of Capricorn, it’s as if all of humanity will be experiencing a sort of collective ‘Saturn return.’

Saturn is often associated with what we fear, but that fear is an indication that we’re on the cusp of something powerful. On the other side of fear is strength and maturity – perhaps ‘unsexy’ terms, but the possibility arises of gaining a sense of reality from this very unreal world we’ve been steeped in.

To help you make the most of this coming year, I’m offering a free workshop to focus and create a vision plan for 2018 in the Designing Destiny workshop.

Let’s be honest, there’s no way one can completely control one’s destiny. Mysteries are meant to be danced with and they won’t completely bend to our will. However, you can find empowerment and clarity in creatively designing your destiny when we remove the blocks to our inspiration and align with the cosmic forces.

In this 90 min Designing Destiny workshop you’ll:

: Learn about the coming major cosmic shifts of 2018 – including the Jan/Feb Eclipse Season – and what that can mean for attuning to your best life.

: Discover the secret ingredient in creating change that inspires you into action.

: Create a plan for 2018 that will give you a framework for a new vision of your life using the 4 step method of Illumination, Envision, Creation and Destiny.

: Get details on the upcoming program Co-Create your Destiny course running Jan 11 – March 1. (Hint: an Early Bird Offer will be available for 72 hours after the event!).

My intention for this workshop is that you come away with it with greater insight into the astrological changes of 2018 and with a plan to create a vision that’s urgent, inspiring and grounded.

The 2018 Designing Destiny workshop will be on Tuesday, Dec 12 at 7pm EST. If you can’t make the live workshop, a recording will be emailed out shortly afterward.

REGISTER HERE for this free workshop. I hope to see you there!