December Solstice | From Karma to Dharma


We’re in the December Solstice, a very special time to look at our life in a way that’s practical and realistic yet supports our growth for the year ahead.

Solstice literally means “Sun standing still” and is 3 days of the Sun pausing at it’s maximum Southern point of declination of the celestial equator as it begins to move to Northbound.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s winter and these days are the shortest days and the longest nights of the year. Ancient civilizations mark this time by welcoming the return of the Sun, honoring the end of the darkest nights.

The Sun ingresses into the sign of Capricorn (which is my personal Sun and Rising sign). This is where the practicality comes in. After the emotional drama of Scorpio and the speed and expansion of Sagittarius, Capricorn brings us back down to Earth.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Lord Karma, so there is a sense of reaping what you sow. We come into this life with our unique karma. As we walk the path of our purpose we find what we are meant for, our dharma. Bring the light of consciousness on to your path at this time in practical ways.

Some insights to ponder for this December Solstice:

-How am I caring for my reputation?

-What am I now reaping that I have sown?

-What adjustments do I make so that my life purpose is the cornerstone of my everyday life?

-Do I have enough structure and support to sustain the higher vision I hold for my life?

-Where do I need to apply more discipline, patience and hard work for the year ahead?

The beauty of the December Solstice is it’s ushering in of hope for the future at the dawn of a new solar year. Take this time to get back down to Earth, get grounded and find the support you need as the brilliance of the light is ushered in for a new season of growth.

Wishing you a season of brilliant light and expansive growth. Happy Solstice xo

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