May 9 | Cosmic Blessings


Today, May 9, will mark the mid-point of the Mercury retrograde in Taurus transit and will feature a rare Mercury eclipse of the Sun as well as Jupiter station direct in Virgo.

Mercury transits the face of the Sun, viewable (with special binoculars or on NASA’s live feed) from 7:10 am to 2:44 pm EST.  This is an inferior conjunction of retrograde Mercury and the Sun at 19 degrees Taurus aligned with Mercury’s nodes at 19 degrees Taurus.

As Mercury enters the heart of the Sun in an ‘eclipse’-like event not seen in 10 years, we’ll want to keep our eyes open for flashes of insight from the planet of communication.  Whereas Taurus often is associated with the physical body and what we value, we’ll perhaps get a physical sense of messages – verbal as well as non-verbal – that strikes us as significant and perhaps even supernatural.

The Sabian Symbol of this degree is “Wisps of winglike clouds streaming across the sky.”

Rudhyar’s keynote is the awareness of spiritual forces at work.  Receiving the BLESSINGS of super-natural forces.

The theme of “blessings” is repeated as Jupiter, the planet of blessings, is stationing direct today at 13 Virgo, opening up a window of opportunity and possibilities that’s eluded us since it’s retrograde station January 8. This marks the first of the 5 Planets Retrograde to go direct.

Jupiter in Virgo has inflated our areas of work, service and health this year, but during it’s retrograde it may have been challenging to perceive it’s ‘blessings.’  If we’ve stayed the course aligned with the Virgoan virtues of humble service, toiling toward mastery or prioritizing our health and healing, we may finally see the fruits of this great benefit ripen and bestowed upon us.

The Sabian Symbol of “an aristocratic family tree” points to the importance of our ancestral “roots” and we grow, expand and evolve toward our potential.

In the U.S., we celebrated Mother’s Day this past weekend which brought many of us closer to the female lineage of our heritage as well as our own potential as caregivers for future generations.

Whatever blessings you receive at this time (check your chart for the houses and aspects involved with 19 Taurus and 13 Virgo for indications of the areas of life highlighted) have in mind their purpose for not only your personal evolution but that which can benefit the larger scope of humanity.

For more on how to navigate this Mercury retrograde peak and final phase, check out my Mercury retrograde webinar and support package.