A Chironic Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde essentials:
From April 9 @ 4 degrees Taurus
To May 3 @ 17 degrees Aries

Mercury stationed retrograde on April 9, beginning a 3-week review of our values, self-worth and resources. As Mercury backtracks from Taurus to Aries, we’ll be called to recognize our ability to be the masters of our resourcefulness and abundance.

We may find unexpected or unusual occurrences around those areas of life that Mercury rules such as communication, information, technology and business. Miscommunication, misfires and confusion are common – but so are breakthroughs and opportunities. Mercury rules the nervous system and this is often a time of heightened anxiety and confusion. As retrogrades are an opening to the past, we usually find people from the past re-appearing in our life or old issues from the past coming up to be addressed.

Keywords for Mercury retrograde are “review, revise, rethink.”

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is still retrograde until April 15 and has been warming us up for this Mercury rx so we may find a deepening of our values that were stirred up by Venus rx and an opportunity to make them real in the world.

To me, this senses like a very Chiron-ic period for Mercury rx. What I mean by that is that we’ll likely become very much aware of our vulnerabilities and deep wounds (Chiron) as well as our insecurities (Mercury rx in Taurus). Mercury stations retrograde at 4 degrees Taurus, conjunct the Chiron discovery degree at 3 Taurus. I often find this a significant part of the zodiac that resonates with the symbolism of Chiron – if we can face and accept our insecurities, we can transcend our limiting beliefs and experience creative breakthroughs. Chiron is, afterall, the maverick and challenges us to evolve beyond what we thought possible.

Transiting Chiron is now at 26 Pisces conjunct Venus rx, emphasizing the wounded nature of Chiron especially in areas of our relationships, values and self-worth. Both are square Saturn on the Galactic Center creating a karmic impact in our lives and in the collective, which we’ll experience throughout this Mercury rx period. The area of profound growth emerges in our ability to connect with the wounds of the collective and the karmic responsibility of our humanity.

The silver lining for this Mercury retrograde is that if we take the opportunity to “review” our resources, talents and values, we can come to a greater understanding of our own resourcefulness and ability to generate growth and abundance. As Austin Coppock writes of this first decan of Taurus, “The power this decan grants is that of understanding how to create growth, how to achieve abundance… Those born with Mercury in this decan will have an excellent capacity for planning and a fine understanding of the resources they have at their disposal. Nonetheless, many will also be subject to nervousness and driven by fear, especially if the position is afflicted. The key here is to move beyond motivation by fear and learn to plan for the future.”

My best advice for this Mercury retrograde in Taurus/Aries April 9 to May 3 is to take some time out to enjoy the fruits of your labor and appreciate that they’re well deserved. While we may at times worry that we don’t have enough, when we enter into the space of gratitude for what we do have, we often find that we are rich in areas that matter most.

It’s important to slow down, focus on gratitude, clean up the past and create a sustainable plan for future abundance.

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