{Chiron retrograde} Newly Revealed Gifts

Chiron – the soul healer – stations retrograde in today and will be traveling in apparent backward motion through November. Chiron represents our soul wounds, the ones that try as we might, never seem to heal. It’s the lesson that we continue to learn again and again throughout our lifetime.

But the beauty of the Chiron wound is that it’s where our greatest gifts and contribution to humanity are found. As much as Chiron is about wounds he’s also about healing, talent and mentoring. Chiron retrograde promises that if we’re observant, we may experience the revelation of gifts that we didn’t know we had. Everything about Chiron stems from the immortal soul, so when we refer to gifts, they are truly ‘soul gifts’.

It’s very interesting to note that from today and through the next month, Chiron is stationary on 21 degrees Pisces. The channeled message for this symbol of the zodiac is “A prophet carrying tablets of the new law is walking down the slopes of Mt. Sinai.” This messages about the inner revelation after the peak experience. This is the perfect way for Chiron to ‘announce’ his retrograde to us.

Right now, Chiron is transiting on my Pallas Athena in my natal chart. Pallas Athena is about creative intelligence and connecting the dots and for that reason, she is known as the astrologer asteroid. I also consider her my guardian angel.

For me, this is the perfect time to launch my beta astrology course on the basics of the natal chart. Yes, I’m stretching outside my comfort zone! If you care to join me, we start tomorrow. Details here:

It’s also worth noting that Beethoven had Chiron in Pisces in his house of creativity. All of his greatest masterpieces were composed during the last 10 years of his life which was as he was increasingly going deaf. He was likely experiencing his “Chiron return” which is when Chiron’s presence in our lives is most strongly felt. It can break us or lead us to the greatest of heights, where our gifts can truly shine.

As Chiron retrogrades through November, spend this time observing where your soul wounds can benefit others and, in doing so, heal humanity. The healing of one person sends a ripple effect of healing vibration throughout humanity. Your soul gifts are being called upon.

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