Chiron Direct | Expression of Your Soul Intent


Chiron, the soul healer and maverick planet stations direct today at 16 degrees Pisces, having been in retrograde since June 24. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a Chiron webinar I’m creating as a guest astrologer for Kaypacha’s New Paradigm Community and what I’ve learned about Chiron in the process has been nothing short of mind blowing.

In ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was the great mentor who taught sons of kings and trained heros. He was wounded in battle by a poisoned arrow but being an immortal demigod, he couldn’t die and suffered much pain. In his attempts to heal his wound, he made many miraculous healing discoveries. This is how he got the name of ‘wounded healer.’ In the end, Chiron renounced his immortality so that he could die and finally be at peace.

If we apply this story to our human experience, we’ll see that Chiron is more that just an unhealed wound that we’re forever burdened with. If practiced with intention, it can be the source of our greatest creations. This is also why Chiron is often considered a maverick.

Where people often get stuck, is when they remain in a place of woundedness. Chiron is actually about transcending the wound experience new soul territory.

There are many parallels to shamanism with Chiron. The term shaman means “one who sees in the dark.” The shamanic practice of soul retrieval is healing illness by recalling parts of our souls that were lost during traumatic experience. In doing so, one becomes achieves a renewed state of wholeness.

Chiron wants us to humble ourselves to forces greater than us, such as when Chiron gave up his demigod status in order to finally find peace. Only in the humbling can we truly be of service and tap into our soul gifts.

The Chiron stationing direct is occurring as the sensitive Moon in Cancer pulls at our emotions and tender hearts. We’re also in the the exact waning square of Saturn-Neptune, a crisis of consciousness at a global level. We’re coming to understand that the collective soul healing is what this world needs now.

As Iyanla Vanzant says, “A wound needs a witness.”

When a planet stations direct, we get a sense of what they bring to our lives and the forward motion indicates outward expression. Allow your soul’s intent to truly come into expression at this time and be witnessed.

Another interesting fact is that Chiron is classified as both a centaur planet and a comet. Yes, a comet tail was discovered in 1993!

How’s that for a maverick?

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