Capricorn Full Moon Call

{Capricorn Full Moon} Your Essence of Perfection

The moon is waxing toward full and on Wednesday, July 1st exact at 10:20pm EDT we’ll experience a Full Moon in Capricorn. Full moons are an opposition of the Sun and the Moon from our perspective on Earth. We’re caught in the middle of their opposing forces which creates energetic tension for us. This tension causes the tides to rise, our emotions to magnify and summons nature to grow and blossom.

Much is made about integration. We all seek to become one unified being and to integrate the various parts of ourselves. However, integration is not always possible, or even desireable. This is what Full Moons teach us. During the tension of Full Moons, we want to seek balance and harmony of opposing forces. We want to try to relax in the space in-between, because this is where the search for answers lies.

Capricorn is ambitious, patient and disciplined. She’s rarely intimidating by a daunting task, because she knows she’ll get there in time, when everyone else has burnt out. The message for this full moon is about balancing your desire to achieve and your fear of failure. The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 9 Cancer is “A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process,” which speaks to our drive to achieve perfection. The opposing Moon at 9 Capricorn has a simple message of “trust.”

The Moon is answering to Saturn rx in Scorpio who is on an obsessive quest for learning, knowledge and truth. This quest is necessary to unearth what has been left unsaid or unhealed. In time, the true wisdom comes from knowing yourself – and all the facets of your diamond-like soul – more intimately.

There is nothing more exquisite than the human soul. Your essence is already perfection.

The mantra for this full moon, as beautifully channeled by Mike Iamele is: “I am good enough exactly as I am. The most sacred thing I can be is myself.”

Please join me for a Capricorn Full Moon call on Wednesday, July 1st @8pm EST with my special guest, sister Capricorn Keyon Bayani. We’ll usher this new cycle of balancing achievement with soul love.

We’ll also be kicking off a 30 day free group program of magic created by Michelle Fitz called Once in a Blue Moon to celebrate July’s month of moons.

Sign up for full details and a special moon tea recipe by Mike here:

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