Cancer Full Moon + Cardinal Grand Cross

Cancer Full Moon
22 deg Cancer/Capricorn
Thursday, Jan 12
3:35am PST | 6:35am EST

Full Moon conjunct Pluto and Vesta – Renewal of Purpose and Sacred Devotion

This is an emotional, watery Cancer Full Moon coming to fruition in a maelstrom of intense energy as it forms a Cardinal Grand Cross. The Moon rules this water sign of Cancer and our emotional patterns become illuminated and significant. Even water has a structure at the most minute level and similarly, our tears and sweat are born from emotional patterns we’re now able to see more clearly.

The Capricorn Sun, emerging from the depths of a conjunction to Pluto, is a re-birth of purpose and responsibility. Transformation of our core being-ness is coming into a necessary re-alignment.

Asteroid Vesta rx joins the Moon in Cancer and there’s a focused sense of nurturing of the self and family. Vesta elevates simple tasks and infuses them with a sense of devotion and sacredness. Vesta is the “sacred duty” and in Cancer we’re returning to the duty to our roots, family and sanctuary.

Mars-Chiron in Pisces brings us an awareness of the nature of our own wounding and that of our collective family. While Venus-Neptune also in Pisces yearns to find escape in beauty and love, while satisfaction may be elusive.

The Moon/Vesta, Chiron and Lilith form a water trine suggesting a longing to heal the deepest part of ourselves – our pain and shame in where we’ve failed in our devotion to ourselves and to those whom we care about most – as part of the sacred pact of renewal.

Cardinal Grand Cross – Crisis and Opportunity

The Full Moon squares Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries, forming a Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Cardinal energy is urged to initiate and act. However, this tense four-way face off opposition to one another, it can be a challenging standoff, making it difficult to find resolution. The key to this is cooperation, patience and allowing the breathing room for multiple viewpoints to exist at once.

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition is one of the defining aspects of 2017 as expansive Jupiter in Libra coaxes rebellious Uranus in Aries to break through limitations. The Full Moon’s intense need for security is at odds with the Jupiter-Uranus desire for new vistas, freedom and boldness.

This represents a tipping point. In the seeming chaos, there is an underlying structure to it all. The more we can align fully with our renewed sense of purpose, the more we’ll be able to take full advantage of the call to accelerate, innovate and evolve.

Sabian Symbol: “The meeting of a literary society”.

The message of the Cancer Moon is that even beyond the emotional and chaotic scenes, it’s still possible to return to a sense of cooperation and context. Finding safe community with others and finding meaning by re-writing the story of our experience.

All Planets Direct

As Mercury stationed direct, it joined the planets all now direct until Jupiter stations retrograde on February 8. This Cancer Full Moon marks the emotional start of a New Year and is a call to take responsibility for the emotional patterns that you can now see more clearly and how they impact on your life.

2017 begins now with a powerful sense of renewal of purpose and devotion to sacred duty. Stay flexible and be open to collaboration. Onward!