August Starcast

It’s here… the month we’ve been anticipating all year long that ushers in the Great American Solar Eclipse in Leo. Eclipses come in pairs and prior to the Solar Eclipse we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius as well as a Mercury retrograde station in Virgo.

Leo is the sign of the joyful innocence of the divine child born into a special destiny, radiant as the Sun. Our challenge this month is to align with even more purity of the heart as we find the courage to shine in the dark.

As the month begins, Venus newly in Cancer suggests that relationships can take on a vulnerable quality. Her sense of safety is held in familial bonds and a sense of belonging. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which is changeable, intuitive and protective. As the Moon dances with the intense interplay of light and shadow of the eclipses this month, our relationships and values may undergo emotional transformations.

August 3 Uranus, the Great Awakener, stations retrograde in Aries the sign of action and instinct. The nature of Uranus is the opportunity for sudden breakthroughs, exciting change and fresh starts. There can be a certain rebelliousness with this energy as well as the chance to pioneer new areas of brilliance.

August 4 Jupiter squares Pluto rx, a powerful aspect that could amplify the drive for ambition. This aspect can trigger powerful partnerships with Jupiter in the partnership sign of libra however Pluto in Capricorn’s magnified need for dominance could cause conflicts unless righteousness and the need to dominate others are well managed.

August 7 the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will bring an emotional shift in our sense of individualism. The Moon will be joined the South Lunar Node, signifying a release of the past. Perhaps we’ve felt alienated among our communities or groups. We may see the shadow side of Aquarius such as being swept up by causes or downing our individuality for the good of the collective. The opposition by Mars in Leo can bring the need to stand up for what we believe in and take a bold risk. The Sun is also trine the Great Attractor in Sagittarius suggesting a sense of adventure to the overall energetic flow.

August 12 Venus is conjunct Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and one that the ancients associated with honor, wealth, fame and spiritual enlightenment. Our desires for luxury and comfort may be illuminated as well as auspicious personal connections.

August 13 Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo which can heighten anxiety if we’re too focused on our need for perfection and our inability to reach impossibly high standards. Mercury is opposite Neptune adding to a sense of confusion, disillusionment and victim mentality. Our dreams are heightened at this time and it may be difficult to distinguish dreams from reality.

August 15 Tender Venus in Cancer opposes controlling Pluto rx in Capricorn. Emotional intensity in relationships can make us want to retreat into our shell. Overwhelming emotional and sexual needs must find balance so they don’t veer into obsessiveness.

August 21 The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo is the much hyped Great American Eclipse viewable across the United States. Any New Moon is a powerful time to set intentions for the future and with the eclipse energy it can be especially potent to envision our highest destiny and renew our alignment with our inner radiance. Leo signifies creativity, joy and confidence and we may experience extremes in these areas. This eclipse is aligned with the North Lunar Node, indicated an orientation toward future evolution. Eclipses can be disorienting because the light of the Sun is temporarily blocked which affects the psyche in unpredictable and confusing ways while bringing to light our subconscious shadow.

August 22 Mars provides an encouraging trine Saturn, both planets in Fire signs, providing a boost to our ability to create, build and get work done diligently.

August 23 The Sun enters Virgo highlighting our perfectionist nature and bringing focus to doing our work, being of service as well as health and healing.

August 25 Saturn stations direct in Sagittarius bringing a sense of soberness to our core beliefs and long term vision. Any blocks we may have experienced since it’s station retrograde April 5 have served to help us come to a sense of where we stand with our belief systems and have helped solidify our internal authority around those beliefs.

August 27 Mars joins the North Node in Leo, elevating our instinctual selves with a sense of boldness. Venus enters Leo and relationships can take on a courtly and dramatic flair. Mercury retrograde joins the Leo party on August 31. Although Virgo season has begun, all this Leo suggests that we can bring joy, laughter and generosity to life while still taking care of business.

Starcasts illuminate a picture of the overall energy for the month. For guidance on your personal astrological destiny, schedule an Astrological Guidance Session.

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