Aries Super New Moon | The Entrepreneurial Impulse

Zaha Hadid

“An entrepreneur is an innovator, a game-changer, a disruptor, an adventurer.” – Richard Branson

As we emerge – alchemized – from eclipse season, we enter the exhilarating space of the Super New Moon in Aries, a catalyst of radical new beginnings.

The recent eclipses moved us to intimately align with our intuition. Now at this New Moon we’re invited to infuse our instinct and passion with that freshly nurtured intuition.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, and is especially potent at 18 Aries which is the degree of this New Moon exact at 7:23 am EST. The Sun here elevates the aggressive nature of Aries into one of divine solar life force energy. Our inner entrepreneur is awakened as we ignite bold new visions that begin to take form.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is embedded with the image of a “MAGIC CARPET”. Dane Rudhyar translates this image into the use of “creative imagination.” Creativity and imagination allow us to transmute chaos into art and the mundane into miracles. The ‘magic carpet’ suggests levitation where we can rise above the everyday and breathe in the pure air of inspiration.

We’ll want to marshall all of our creative forces and our expansive vision to truly rise above what may appear as chaos in the collective as the New Moon triggers the the Uranus-Pluto square of revolutionary transformation. Innovation, rebellion and change at a deep level often ensues when the U-P square is activated and this fire-y New Moon will likely ignite more dramatic shifts in the world.

On a more personal level, the New Moon joined by Uranus can invite flashes of brilliant insight and shatter barriers to progress. Eris, the Goddess of discord and envy, will be in the mix as the Sun joins with her through Monday. Allow these forces to fuel your drive and creative vision eager to take form.

A supportive trine from Saturn in Sagittarius gifts us with generous doses of faith in ourselves and our long term vision, provided we practice diligence and moderation in our pursuits.

Interestingly, Saturn in Sagittarius has been described archetypally as an “architect” for ambitious projects. The recent passing of the ground-breaking architect Zaha Hadid illuminated what’s truly possible when one’s expansive vision, mastery and creative flair for innovation are unleashed with relentless passion.

This Super New Moon in Aries reminds us that we’re each the architects of our own dreams and the time is ripe to build.