Aries New Moon | Initiation by Fire

Aries New Moon
Monday, March 27, 2017
7:57pm PDT / 10:57pm EDT
7 degrees Aries 37 min

What’s essential ~

The Aries New Moon provides the energetic alignment to set intentions for new beginnings for the coming lunar month and to plant seeds for growth for the future. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign and we can have a sense of being ‘initiated by fire’ as Venus rx inflames old resentments and torches what is no longer aligned with our core values. We can find ourselves in a stubborn battle of wills or in exciting partnerships where the sky’s the limit. Or we may choose to go it alone, embodying the warrior goddess and pioneering spirit of Aries. Set new goals and challenges for yourself that exhibit your personal ambitions and highlight your creative ingenuity. 

Astrological insights ~

The Sun which represents our life force is exalted in Aries and as the Moon joins this powerful source of light and life for the New Moon lunation we’re gifted with an alignment that merges our heart and spirit in divine alchemy. Aries brings new beginnings, fresh stars and a creative spark. Venus rx is joined with the New Moon highlighting relationships, old resentments and power struggles as Aries is the sign of ‘I am’ and ‘me first’ and the retrograde goddess is out of her element when it comes to relationship harmony.

The Goddesses are aflame as retrograde Venus is fueled by a trine from Lilith in Sagittarius who’ll take a stand for truth and freedom with an air of righteousness, even to the point of exiling herself from the Garden of Eden in order to be in full possession of her personal honor. When we’re deeply transformed by love, abandonment or disappointment our hearts are initiated by the fire creating the alchemy of purity. Our fearlessness arises out of the ashes of fear.

Mercury is entering it’s pre-shadow phase (yes, we have a Mercury rx coming up – during the Venus rx!) and is separating from a conjunction to Uranus-Eris. The gift of this alignment can include brilliant insights and inventiveness to fuel your goals for creative or spiritual pursuits. However, it can also cause unexpected chaos and inflammatory fighting words. Mars, the ruler of the New Moon is stubborn in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus and while he can gift us with perseverance in work and creating tangible results, we may find stalemates when it comes to ego battles with neither side willing to budge.

Expansive Jupiter rx in Libra is squaring transformative Pluto in Capricorn creating a backdrop of amplified ambitions, obsessions and addictions where things can veer out of control. On the positive side, Jupiter rx in Libra can bring an awareness of how we must make the internal shifts to rise to the occasion of wonderful opportunities that are in alignment with our deepest desires and ambitions.

Ritual ~

To be conducted from the moment of the exact New Moon alignment (no sooner) up to 3 days after.

Meditate on that which you want to experience and create beyond your wildest dreams. What would fire you up? What would it look like to be the pioneer of new lands and exploring new territories in your creativity? Once you have the image or words, write it down in the spirit of sacred intention.

Burn a red candle every night for 3 nights on top of your intention paper to quickly manifest your vision.

Mantra ~

“Through the initiation of this New Moon, accompanied by Venus in the Underworld, I submit my sacred vision and surrender it to the higher will of the Universe as it manifests under Grace and in a perfect way. Blessed be.”