Aries Lunar Eclipse | Radical Awareness

Image: Ritual preparation for Sunday’s lunar eclipse with candles for Angels and Lightbearers of the Eclipse Unity Circle.

This Sunday at 10:50pm EDT the Full Moon alignment is exact, which will also be a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries.  If your world hasn’t been rocked by now well, there’s still time (Cheshire cat grin).

The beauty of lunar eclipses is that they can create sweeping change of what is not working in our lives while ushering in new awareness.  The Nodes of Destiny are what elevate a typical full moon into a lunar eclipse so whatever corrections are happening now are forces of radical awareness at work.

Each of us was born into a conversation.  Eclipses are a chance to change that conversation radically.

The Cardinal signs are getting the most direct hit from this lunation – the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – but the influence of this eclipse is affecting many of us in unique ways to transform the trajectory of our personal story lines.  For insight into your own personal astrology, consider booking a reading with me.

The Moon in warrior Aries is joined with Vesta, goddess of our creative and sexual fire.  They’re in a tense opposition with the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra who’s joined by the partnership-oriented Juno.  Lots of tension needing an outlet.  This can bring crisis in relationships, fairness and trust.

This eclipse brings opportunities for attempts at diplomacy and mutual wins if we’re determined to stay the course.  But there’s also the possibility of admitting defeat.  As souls having a human experience we can’t always walk the path along side everyone we once cared for, no matter how deeply.

In the mix of this eclipse is asteroid Lilith who often brings with her a sense of rejection and repression, and sometimes humiliation.  Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of a blow to the ego, be awake to the impact of your response.

As my brilliant friend Erin-Ashley Kerti of Spiritual Mechanic says when faced with a tough situation “there’s a classy way to do it.”

Once you begin resonating with the vibration of your soul purpose the conversation changes.  What soon follows is those around you being to change.  Some will be repelled and walk away.  But others will be drawn to the light of your truth.

What makes eclipses extraordinary is their ability to usher in profound new connections to people who resonate with the deepest part of ourselves.  {Click to Tweet this out}

Look around you.  Whomever is at your side when you’ve hit the skids is worth noticing.  Consider these people significant players in the innovation of your life experience.

No matter how awake and aware we’ve been up to now, there’s still the opportunity of a new dimension of understanding available.  This is the illumination of the eclipse.  Allow yourself to be swept up in the emergence of your true soul nature.

So if you don’t like what’s being said, hold yourself up to a higher standard, be classy and change the conversation.

And make that conversation a radical one.

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