Aries Full Moon | Shackles Off

Aries Full Moon
Sunday, October 16
12:23 am EST
23 deg 14 Aries/Libra

This weekend’s Aries Full Moon promises even more plot twists. Expect it to be radical and revolutionary as some big cosmic players join in the mix of this lunation.

The shackles are coming off.

The theme of this Aries Full Moon is liberation. Uranus and Eris are conjunct this lunation and both want to shake up the status quo and break free from the past.

However, both planets are retrograde and isn’t it interesting that we’re seeing what seems like a throwback of a good ole battle of the sexes straight out of Mad Men playing out in the news? For all the advancements in equality women have made, many are still viewed as no more than dolls and playthings for rich, powerful men. Not to mention the ludicrous movement to repeal women’s right to vote.

This unwelcomed time warp with is enough to make one infuriated.

Aries energy is firey, impulsive, daring and angry. Add to this the shocking influence of Uranus and Eris’ chaotic nature and we have quite a bonfire of turmoil.

Eris is the Goddess of Discord and is associated with ‘poetic justice’ where ironic twists of fate are seen in scenarios of karmic retribution. The Goddess Eris snickered from the sidelines as her plot to cause chaos to the ball she wasn’t invited to unfolded perfectly and touched off the Trojan War. Eris’s revenge can have surprisingly widespread effects.

During this Full Moon weekend and the following two week cycle, we’ll likely witness sudden life shifts, about-face changes and unexpected deviations. We may see relationships endings, people quitting jobs and ‘final straw’-type of events where we just can’t take it anymore.

As we impulsively break free from the ‘shackles’ in our life, we embark on a new journey.  Mars, the ruler of Aries, is joining with Pluto in Capricorn seeking to start from ground zero to build something new and lasting in our lives.

Embrace the possibilities!

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