Aries Equinox | Rite of Balance


Reporting from the vortex of eclipse season…

We’re celebrating the Equinox – the time when day and night are of equal length – which is official as the Sun enters Aries at 12:30am EST on Sunday, March 20.

Our lives often seem to be a struggle to achieve balance in many areas, so it can truly sense as a sacred offering from the Universe when balance of light and dark is gifted to us, even for a momentary experience.

This is a special opportunity to rest in this balance and observe how our own light and dark have emerged during this eclipse month, as well as the light and dark of greater forces active in the world.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re welcoming Spring which means spring cleaning of what is no longer of use in the current of our lives.  Those in the Southern Hemisphere are entering Autumn, a time of cultivation and reflection.  What have our intentions and actions reaped?  And how are we now different as a result?

This is a mythical and mystical time.  It’s the beginning of a new zodiacal year, yet still bears the imprint of the Pisces eclipse of sacrifice, healing and inspiration.

Although this is a “fresh start” in many ways, it’s not without the reference and memory of the metamorphosis that’s occurring for many of us.

The ancients always marked these times with a ritual to honor the threshold in time.  Tickets are still available for our Equinox Expansion Ritual, live on Sunday at 1pm EST.  Join us for a group crystal grid activated for our Integration, Expansion and Manifestation.

In astrology every moment has meaning and is significant.  For the Equinox, let’s honor this time as a significant point of balance and a rite of passage for our next phase of evolution.

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