Aquarius Lunar Eclipse | Superhuman potential

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Monday, August 7
15 deg 25′ Aquarius/Leo
11:10 am PDT / 2:10 pm EDT
Maximum Eclipse 11:20 am PDT / 2:20 pm EDT

There’s an electricity in the air that’s crackling with anticipation. As all the world appears to be focused on the impending Great American Solar Eclipse August 21st, we’d be wise to align with the spiritual shift available at Aquarius Lunar Eclipse.

The Moon is afterall the symbol of the feminine and our emotional and spiritual needs and while its effects may be more subtle than the Sun, they’re no less significant.

Ripe mind

Being our closest neighbor, the Moon has a significant magnetic effect upon our lives. A Lunar Eclipse is essentially a Full Moon conjunct on of the Lunar Nodes, in this case the South Node symbolizing the karmic past. We often retain water at a Lunar Eclipse and our bodies may slightly bloat with a sense of ripeness, however our skull doesn’t expand and the fluid in the brain can add pressure to the head – and potentially the mind.

Aquarius is a mental sign and is associated with genius, brilliance and innovation. Its the sign of the higher mind which can elevate us toward ascension, channeling and extrasensory perception. We’ll want to be mindful that the potential mental pressure can manifest as the shadow side of mental trauma or spiritual crisis.

The Full Moon in Aquarius can suggest that coping with emotional patterns calls for a detached, intellectual approach to gain clarity and insight.


Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, recently stationed retrograde in the warrior sign of Aries, shattering our expectations of what’s possible. Relationships and group dynamics can detour, end overnight or suddenly break through to a whole new level. The nature of Uranus is the element of surprise.

Jeffrey Wolf Green has said the Uranus in Aries signature can suggest a sense of ‘superhuman’ abilities and groundbreaking potential that can be thwarted by the current social system. This can be a signature of a past life cut short and bring an urgency to actualize one’s special destiny yet past life fears of going too far or too fast could be triggered. However, with the Full Moon trine Jupiter, we may be blessed with a sense of expansion. The Jupiter-Pluto square intensifies the drive for ambition so that even ancient fears can give way to the future.

Uranus’ energy is flowing in a trine to the North Node in Leo, a calling toward the cutting edge of our destiny. There can be a sense of “aquaplaning” as though we’re sliding with no traction and just on the verge of losing control. Our instinct may be to ground and try to intellectualize all that’s occurring, but rather than interrupt the flow, it may be best to harmonize with the energy. This is a time to align with the flow and trust your Higher Self to guide you toward evolution.

Re-visit and Release of the Past

Saturn and the outer planets beyond it are all currently retrograde. Mercury is in it’s pre-shadow preparing to station retrograde August 13. The outer planets are “higher octave” planets symbolizing the collective consciousness and the guiding light of soul in our lives.

At this Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is joined with the South Node suggesting a karmic release of that which drains our life force and vitality, which the Sun-Mars-NN in Leo crave more of. Only then can we liberate from what constrains us, awaken to our destiny and truly reach for the stars.

Mantra for the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius:
“Liberation is the way to evolution. As I align with my Higher Self, brilliance awakens within me. I release with ease that which depletes my vitality so I soar toward my special destiny.”