April Cosmic Overview

My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground upon which I stand.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

April is host to 5 planets retrograde, a Cardinal Grand Cross and Morning Star Venus ruling the Full Moon in Libra and the New Moon in Taurus. It’s time to slow down and bring quality to our actions and conscious intentions as we navigate this time of deep transformation ~

As Venus, the Goddess of love, money and relationships, embarks on a new phase as a Morning Star, she emerges determined to follow a new vision of living and loving. Although still retrograde until April 15, she’s currently on the Aries Point, invigorating the zodiac with her renewed sense of purpose and courage.

Venus will have much to communicate to us in April as re-visits her sign of exaltation Pisces and will be in a square with Saturn for most of the month. The two lunations of April are both Venus-ruled: the April 11 Full Moon in Libra – the YANG sign of Venus – and the New Moon in Taurus on the 26th, Venus’ YIN sign. We’ve learned so many lessons from Venus during her retrograde period and these lunations offer an opportunity to hone our ability to relate, to love and to self-love.

Saturn, Lord Karma, stations retrograde April 6 on the Galactic Center intensifying the collective karma. The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius has been so much about belief such as having hope for humanity even in the face of exposed fundamentalism, racism and xenophobia. Saturn retrograde will test our beliefs as well as our sense of inner authority for the ultimate purpose of self-mastery.

We’ll experience an echo of February’s Cardinal Grand Cross beginning April 10 which can urge us to make fresh starts and rise to the occasion in our ability to be creative, however, so much tense energy could have the opposite effect and leave us feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Squares can either be invigorating and creative or we can succumb to the pressure and feel blocked. In the collective, there’s often a figure that appears to be “nailed to the cross” where pressures from many sides are attacking at once.

Feeling financially squeezed or insecure in our skills is a theme due to the fact that both of the money planets, Venus and Jupiter, are retrograde. To complicate matters further, Mercury will be stationing retrograde on April 9 in Taurus, the Venus-ruled sign of money, possessions and value. If Venus rx had us sensing what is of value to us, Mercury rx will have us thinking more about what we need to change in order for our sense of self-worth can live up to the necessities of our lives. Venus stations direct April 15, however she’ll be in a square to Saturn most of the month calling for maturity in areas of finances and in relationships.

Pluto, the ruler of our deep unconscious, stations retrograde April 20th in Capricorn drudging up issues around power struggles, sexuality, death and the issues we keep hidden from our conscious mind.  This is also the day that Mercury rx joins the Sun in Taurus highlighting our need for self love and security.

Mercury rx re-enters Aries April 21 increasing the chance of our communication misunderstandings to become heated. Mars enters Gemini on April 22 and is in a mutual reception to Mercury speeding up our ability to get moving however the tendency may be to be scattered and distracted.

This month can feel like a pressure cooker in many ways – especially in finances, self-worth and relationships – and at times we may question our ability to rise to the challenge. With so many planets going retrograde in one month, we’re best to see this period as one of personal transformation as we transcend victimhood for a sense of karmic responsibility and conscious intention.

This month, I’ll be teaching a chart analysis class intensive April 17-21. I also offer astrological guidance for those seeking deeper self knowledge and insight. xo