All Planets Direct

We’re in a window of time that can increase our magic and manifestation power…

On Christmas Day, Uranus stationed direct after a nearly 6 month retrograde period and as it did so, it’s gifting us flashes of insight.
This means, that for a brief period through January 4 when Mercury stations retrograde, All Planets are Direct!
Why is this significant? Because we’re being propelled forward in our lives during this period. After a year of many major retrogrades as once, this period may feel like a noticeable shift.
We are also within orb of the Saturn-Neptune square that enhances manifestation if we dream big (Neptune) we can create our own reality (Saturn).
Here’s how you can make the most of APD:
-ENVISION a greater future for yourself and for humanity. This is the perfect time to do a Vision Board or a Mind Movie (I create mine as a slideshow on Google Presentations) where you create your ultimate reality. Let go of any doubt of how it will happen and envision with wild abandon.
-RITUAL can help to focus your intentions. Calling in your angels, guides and ancestors to help you heal, release and move forward in areas of your life that have become stagnant.
-Be PROPELLED forward. Have you heard the saying “hold on tightly, let go lightly”? This is a time to practice letting go and moving on. Do not stay where you are not welcomed or where you don’t fit in. The Uranus direct station has likely made it clear where you no longer belong. Onward!
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