3 Pitfalls of Astrology Readings

It wasn’t that long ago that astrology was a language I never thought I could master. All the symbols and signs… I would get brain freeze just looking at a chart!

I was perfectly happy paying a professional to make sense of it for me. In my quest for cosmic insight I bumped up against numerous dead ends, not to mention wasted a lot of money, on readings that weren’t truly helpful.

I’m sharing with you 3 pitfalls of astrology readings so that you can see for yourself the power of a good reading and the contrast of when they fall flat.

Pitfall #1 – Focusing on the personality

As a Capricorn (Sun, Rising AND Mercury!) I’m quite practical and find comfort in predictability. I like my daily rituals and my tea a certain way. I have ambition and always seek the next challenge. And I have problematic knees.

All very Capricornian! And while this description gives me some sense that my Capricorn nature is written in the stars, it’s not exactly profound insight, is it?

The Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are the foundations of an astrological profile because they make up our conscious personality and responses to the world. But speaking to someone’s conscious personality tendencies only goes so deep. It’s when you tap into another person’s unconscious desires that resonate at the soul level that you find true gold in the astrology reading.

Pitfall #2 – What’s likely to happen versus where you find fulfillment

There are countless astrology books that tell a person how their chart shows career potential. Many are amazingly accurate in their insights on the skills people find marketable.

The problem is, you don’t need an astrology reading to tell you what’s likely to happen. It will just happen, without much conscious effort on your part. Many people just ‘fall into’ a job and just keep going only to wake up decades later and realize how unfulfilled they feel.

It’s amazing how many astrologers do not have the capacity to guide a client toward the inner work of discovering true fulfillment in life. They look at the career and money houses, their rulers and say ‘do this’. But when the client’s already gone down that road and is still miserable they’re at a loss.

Focusing on the path of Destiny helps to illuminate the journey toward fulfillment – a much more exciting quest worth exploring.

Pitfall #3 – The chart has all the answers

I’ve heard many astrologers say the following: “If a client doesn’t respond to your interpretation of the chart, don’t believe them. They are probably not as self aware yet or maybe they just don’t want to go there with YOU.”

Firstly, that is incredibly invalidating to the person coming to you for a reading. It puts the astrologer in a position of absolute authority which in my view is just CRAY.

And guess what, astrologers can be wrong! Interpretations from books can also be wrong or not written in a way that captures the full expression of the lived experience.

While the chart is the map of the Soul, it is simply a map. It is not the Soul itself.

The person who owns the chart is the living, breathing expression of the soul experiencing life in real time as it unfolds. A truly skilled and caring astrologer will hold the space for the chart to come alive by listening to their client and seeing the chart as symbols of an unfolding life.

There is magic and mystery in astrology just as there is magic and mystery in life itself. Holding that as a fundamental viewpoint is essential in any astrological reading.

I’m committed to helping birth more awakened astrologers and healers to be able to access astrology in the most profound way possible.

Tonight, enrollment closes for my Chart Reading Intensive course which begins Monday.

This is the only time the course will be taught live and include guidance and support. I hope you’ll join me and this small group as we bring more light of consciousness through the lens of astrology.

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