Passion, power and persistence | Mars in Scorpio

Mars, planet of action and energy, has entered Scorpio the sign of deep bonding, transformation, obsession, passion and power.  This is an especially potent transits as Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.  What a way to usher in the New Year…

Some of the more positive signs of this transit are the persistence and drive to accomplish things, even when the going gets tough or when darkness obscures the light.  Scorpio is the sign of the shadow and the rock bottom.  This can bring change to areas of life that have long been buried deep in our subconscious and where we’ve turned a blind eye.  We can somehow find the courage to face these areas full on and put our force into their transformation.

Mars in Scorpio emphasizes sex, passion and deep emotion.  This can be experienced as intensity in love and lovemaking, but may also bring about jealousy, possessiveness and domination.  Scorpio wants you to prove your devotion and may have impossible standards on how to meet their demands.

In a nutshell, this can be a drama-charged transit where one can reach the pinnacle of spiritual and emotional evolution only after an odyssey through the unconquered depths.  It can be the breakdown and the breakthrough.

While persistence will be yours, it’s important to not be so stubborn that a door to compromise isn’t left open.  Knowing your purpose and aligning with what’s true is key now.

Those with strong Scorpio and Aries will likely be most affected.  Mars retrogrades mid-April through late-June and at that time our direction and purpose may shift or detour.  Use this time now for accomplishment, perseverance and courage, in alignment with the heart’s path.

Happy 2016!

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