Rare Dazzling Christmas Full Moon in Cancer

Untitled design (1)The December 25 Cancer Full Moon is the first Christmas Day Full Moon we’ve seen since 1977.

1977 was quite an interesting year.  Apple Computers Inc. was incorporated, the Star Wars movie debuted, and the “maverick” minor planet Chiron was discovered.  On Christmas Day 1977, the iconic entertainer Charlie Chaplin passed away at the age of 88.  Chaplin, a “maverick” entertainer if there ever was one, had natal Chiron in Cancer widely conjunct his North Lunar Node of Destiny.

The astrology of today’s sky is quite different than then, but no less spectacular with a variety of aspects in play with this Full Moon.

Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer at 6:11am EST

It’s fitting that this rare Christmas full moon is in the sign of Cancer, the archetype of the Mother, with themes of home, family, comfort and nurturing.  The Moon is in it’s rulership in Cancer and as full moon’s often do, they draw our emotions close to the surface and this is especially potent with a Cancer moon.  If we’re aligned with gratitude – even for the things we don’t yet understand – the emotions that pour forth can be healing to our heart and soul.

The full moon is square to Vesta which signifies home and hearth as well as devotion, so there may be some awareness around our sense of sanctuary.  Is sanctuary found in your home of origin?  Or do you derive a truer sense of comfort from a community of your own creation?  Or from your work and creative output?  Perhaps many people will find they’d prefer to work over the holidays than risk emotional or uncomfortable family gatherings.

Uranus stations direct in Aries

Uranus, the Great Liberator, is currently stationing direct after being retrograde since July.  When an outer planet stations direct there’s generally a noticeable shift in the world at large, if not in our own lives.  The last time Uranus was at 16 degrees Aries was in June/July 2014 and we may see some echo of this time in our lives now.  Uranus liberates, shatters and creates sudden awareness.  What was liberated then, that is again calling for freedom?

The generation born from 1985 to 1992 may sense this time to be especially chaotic as they have Eris, the Goddess of Discord, being aroused by the Uranus station.  Both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines in the recent Miss Universe debacle were born in this generation.

It’s likely that many of those involved in the Black Lives Matters protests that shut down the terminals at the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport and the Mall of America are of this generation as well.  The Uranus station is activating the square to Pluto, so revolutionary transformation is once again coming to the forefront in the collective awareness.

Jupiter in Virgo conjunct the North Lunar Node and trine Mercury in Capricorn

There’s likely to be lots of chatter around the dinner table for this full moon, as Jupiter expands and the trine to the communication planet Mercury will open the door to sharing ideas and insights.  Mercury in Capricorn wants the straight facts and instinctually wants to argue for what’s right.  Considering all of the other aspects at play with the full moon, it’s especially worthwhile for us to choose our words, and our battles, very carefully at this time.

The conjunction of Jupiter to the North Node is big and future-oriented.  It’s goal is to enlighten and elevate.  In the sign of Virgo, the themes are purity, gratitude and service.

Let’s purify our intentions, watch our words and aim high for emotional connection and gratitude so this can be a Christmas to truly remember.


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