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1 hr Astrological Guidance Session

Session time: 1 HR Session
Price: $150

In this 1 hr astrological guidance session, we’ll explore how you can make the most of your life journey. Clients are encouraged to share their experience of life as well as their goals + aspirations with the knowledge that the astrology is a guide for greater self-awareness. In this way, you’re empowered to make choices […]

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For astrology students at all levels seeking 1 on 1 support on learning astrology at their own pace, I offer online tutoring sessions with a focus on modern astrological techniques, evolutionary astrology and person-centered astrology. Sessions are 50 minutes each and are aimed at guiding your astrological learning.


Service type: Astrology Reading, Couples
Session time: 90 min
Price: $297

Note: This is a reading for couples that have already established a relationship. This in-depth couples reading looks at the astrology of the couple as individuals as well as a merged unit. There is a wealth of information that can be gleaned from this type of reading including areas of challenge, areas of easily flowing […]

3 Astrological Guidance Sessions

For those seeking ongoing astrological guidance and support. Purchasing a 3 session package allows you to save more on the cost per session and you’ll also receive priority scheduling. I recommend scheduling sessions 2 to 4 weeks apart. Session packages are redeemable for up to 1 year and are not transferrable.

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Service type: Astrology Reading, Individual
Session time: 90 min
Price: $197

In this expanded astrological guidance session, we’ll explore the ‘map of soul’ which offers insight into your range of life possibilities and energetic flow indicated by your natal chart. While every session is unique depending on the client’s inquiry, we often begin with looking at the larger view of your soul’s path of destiny and […]

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2 HR Past Life Session

Session time: 2 hr
Price: $275

| This 2 hr experience includes | : Astrological guidance session (1hr) : Guided meditation (30 min) : Remote energy clearing (30 min) Each of our souls is on a unique journey through many lifetimes. Within each lifetime certain profound experiences and expressions carry a karmic imprint that extends beyond the lifetime. The astrology chart […]