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This 5-part recorded webinar series on The Basics of astrology will provide you with a solid foundation on learning the essentials of astrology in 5 recordings of 1-hour each.  These recordings are from my summer 2015 Astrology Basics online course.

There is no other course that I’ve found like this online.  Its covers the essential concepts of astrology so that you can access the wisdom of the cosmos with greater clarity.

This webinar series is perfect for the beginning astrology student before continuing on to more advance studies.  It also provides a review of the important basic concepts for the intermediate astrology student.

Module 1 – Overview of the birthchart

Module 2 – Signs, Elements, Modes

Module 3 – Houses

Module 4 – Planets

Module 5 – Aspects

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email with links and passwords to each Module.  You’ll have 90 day access to the webinar series.