Capricorn Full Moon | Inspired Ambition


Capricorn Full Moon
Tuesday, July 19
3:56pm PST / 6:56pm EST
27 degrees 40 min Capricorn / Cancer

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Capricorn invites us to take our seat on the throne of our ambition while we allow divine wisdom to guide our consciousness and creative impulses. 

Full moons are moments of fruition and the seeds we planted at the corresponding New Moon (January 9th) are now flowering. Capricorn is the sign of achievement and competence and is rooted in the material realm. This is an auspicious time to gain traction in making goals a reality.

At this mid-point of the year, it’s a good time to asses what you’ve accomplished thus far. What are the physical manifestations of what you’ve created and achieved in your area of career, public image and material wealth?

Even more importantly, how aligned are these achievements with what you now know about our world and your duty as a citizen of humanity?

The ruler of this Full Moon is Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct the fixed star Antares suggesting a warrior-like ability to making our aspirations real in the world. 

Grand Water Trine – healing humanity’s wounds

The full moon aligns with the Grand Water Trine (Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces) provoking the collective wounding so in need of healing and nurturing. Compassion means “to suffer with” and nearly every corner of the world is experiencing trauma on a massive scale.

The goals we may have set for ourselves at the January New Moon must now be infused with new aims that are alchemized by the transformation we’re experiencing at both a personal and global level. Our hearts have been torn open by recent events so it’s essential that we create a new paradigm with a vision of healing in mind.

Listening for divine guidance

The Sabian Symbol for the 28th degree of Capricorn is “A large aviary.”

Dane Rudhyar interprets this symbol as clairaudience that swirls within the mind as inner voices of inspiration.

“Birds symbolize spiritual forces, and the aviary presents us with a picture of these forces or desires contained within a mind open to the light of psychic or Soul realities, and bringing joy and harmony to the consciousness…

The youthful effort the reach the summits of cultural and spiritual attainment has settled down into a complex state of inspiration… one may speak here of CLAIRAUDIENCE, meaning a capacity of being responsive to many inner voices.”

Shattering expectations

The Great Awakener, Uranus, is still joined to Eris, the Goddess of Discord and both of which are in Aries squaring the Full Moon. This indicates disruptions and a desire to break free from authority, burdens and expectations

Uranus also symbolizes flashes of insight and psychic vision so we may find ourselves following divinely-inspired creative inspiration, even if it means shattering comfort zones and expectations.

The throne of power

The Full Moon falls in the 3rd decan of Capricorn, where the image is of a throne. Astrologer Austin Coppock writes that this is the seat of great rulers who are burdened with the responsibility of leading.

“The power of this face is to draw one close to high seats of power. The attention of people of influence can be gained, as might a throne of one’s own. Yet these positions always come with responsibility, and to sit in them is to be tempted by hubris.”

Summary: The Capricorn Full Moon reveals what we’ve accomplished to date in the material realm and activates our sacred warrior archetype to make our long term vision real in the world. It’s calling for radical belief in our higher vision and divine insight. We’re still nursing our wounds from the pain of the collective consciousness and must accept our responsibilities to creating a better world as we climb the mountain to our next summit of achievement.


Cancer New Moon | Precious Abundance

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The New Moon in Cancer is exact at 4:00am PDT / 7:00am EDT on Monday, July 4th at 12 degrees Cancer.

The Moon is in it’s sign of rulership in Cancer, so this should make for an Independence Day weekend where we crave familiarity, nourishment and connection.

Internal integration is a focus at this time as Cancer invites us to align with our personal, private sanctuary. The New Moon trines Neptune and the South Node in Pisces acting to dissolve what’s keeping us from receiving the nourishment we crave for us to truly heal and prosper.

As the New Moon applies to oppose Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, our desire for regeneration may sense as a deep yet subtle urge that grows more acute over the coming week as the Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Sun come under Pluto rx’s intense transformative energies, inviting a re-birth of our true personal essence.

In Diamond Heart, AH Almaas explains what he calls the “Birth of the True Personal Essence” as the following:

“Who we truly are, our personal beingness is born in a bed of tenderness, kindness, and value. When the true Personal Essence is born, it is born in a golden cradle covered with a sheet of green.”

This sense of preciousness is echoed in the symbol of this decan Cancer II and, according to Austin Coppock’s 36 Faces, is that of a walled garden where what is beautiful, lush and precious must be protected and nurtured.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 3 of Cups, also known as Abundance in the Thoth tarot deck, reminding us that this deep space of regeneration is where the greatest jewels of our essence lies.

13588816_10157632093503125_109873860_oAbundance Manifesting

New Moons are excellent times for new beginnings and this particular one is auspicious for beginnings that can be nurtured into fruition with care and patience.

Those with natal planets 10-14 degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn will more strongly experience this New Moon, however, we all can find the house this 12 degree Cancer New Moon falls in and consider this a fertile time of new beginnings in that house.

Bring the element of water into your ritual such as a meditative bath as you envision your intentions around abundance, contentment and connectedness.

Blessing for a cozy and abundant New Moon in Cancer!

Astrology of our times: Brexit, separation and social transformation


This morning, June 24, there seems to be an overwhelming sense of stunned disbelief throughout Europe on the results of the British referendum that narrowly voted for Britain to leave the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will step down in the Fall, saying the nation needs “fresh leadership.”

As the Mutable Grand Cross wanes, a major aspect of outer planets coming into play at this time is Pluto trine Jupiter, which signals powerful social transformation. Pluto in Capricorn is the deep and relentless transformation of authority and structures of all kinds. Pluto is in retrograde so it’s likely much is going on behind closed doors that has yet to be revealed until after Pluto stations direct in late September.

The trine to Jupiter provides a supportive boost to Pluto enabling it’s transformative power to gain full expression. Jupiter in Virgo is about practicality and getting down to the business of humble hard work, which appears to be at least part of the ideology behind the Brexit vote.

It’s also significant that Jupiter recently made another exact conjunction to the North Node of the Moon, signaling fated events that change the course of destiny.

The Sabian Symbol for Pluto rx at the 17th degree of Capricorn is: “A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism.”

Rudhyar’s keynote: The escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance upon the wisdom of the body.

The symbol for Jupiter at the 17th degree of Virgo is: “A volcanic eruption.”

Keynote: The explosive energy of long repressed contents of the subconscious.

Mars retrograde in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio is retrograde and at a standstill as it prepares to go direct. When Mars is retrograde, it’s warrior-like energy acts in unexpected ways and it’s station can be a building up of frustration to a breaking point.

It is stationed at 23 Scorpio forming a stressful aspect the Uranus-Ceres-Eris conjunction in Aries…

Ceres joins Uranus-Eris in Aries

I’ve written recently about the chaotic revolutionary aspect of the Great Awakener Uranus joined to Eris, Goddess of Discord, that we’ve seen trigger shocking world events in recent weeks.

Now Ceres, joins the mix as she makes and exact conjunction to Uranus at 24 Aries, the degree symbolizing faith in new possibilities.

Ceres represents nurturing but also separation, and the grief associated with the loss – or threat of loss – of what is held precious. This is the necessary pain of evolution such as when the child leaves the nest and must move on.

Ceres, in Greek mythology is Demeter, Goddess of Fertility, Harvest and Grain. Her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades and taken as his wife in the Underworld. Ceres/Demeter was stricken with grief at the separation. In a fury she destroyed all the crops on Earth and vowed to continue her destruction until her daughter was returned. Eventually, Zeus intervened and allowed Persephone to spend half of the year on Earth with her mother and the rest of the year as Queen of the Underworld.

We see Persephone’s return to the sunlight symbolized in the seasons of Spring and Summer and her return to the Underworld in Fall and Winter.

Alison Chester-Lambert expresses the Ceres insight beautifully ~

“There is no greater love on earth than the love of a mother for a child. When this love takes us to our own `underworld` of death and humility whilst we are still living, then we are truly in the greatest pain known to mankind. A personal hell on earth.

Surely then, this is when the strangest of things can happen. We grow. Our soul grows. We can see and feel the intensity of a flower. We can experience a side of ourselves that would be unknowable otherwise. We see our soul, and the reason for it`s existence. The darkest hour has the greatest light. And Ceres takes our hand. She walks with us and tends us in this pain. She tends us while we grow.”


Sagittarius Blue Moon | The Unconquerable Soul


Sagittarius Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius

Monday’s Sagittarius Full Moon exact at 7:02 am EDT is the second full moon the sign of Sagittarius in a row, making it a rare Blue Moon, signaling the quantum leap in Sagittarian lessons we’ve experienced in this sign since May 21.

Sagittarius is the sign of the spiritual quest and the lessons of Sagittarius are calling for our attention and deep integration. Our quest for meaning, higher truth and alignment with spirit is at the forefront now.

This pair of Full Moons began with the May 21 Sag Full Moon at the beginning of the sign and now we’re experiencing a Full Moon at the very last degree of Sagittarius, the anaretic 29 degrees. This is a critical degree that adds a vividness and urgency to this lunation.

The Sabian Symbol for the final degree of Sagittarius is “The Pope, blessing the faithful.”

This is a time to reflect on what is truly sacred in our lives. Each of us is devoted to something – whether it’s a conscious choice or unconscious conditioning – and we organize our lives around these priorities.

What is truly deserving of your devotion? And once you find it, ask yourself if you’re giving it sufficient time, focused attention and proper worship.

Savoring victory

We’ve come a long way since May 21 and the causes that fired us up then may seem like child’s play compared to now after this great awakening in recent days.

This third decan of Sagittarius is ruled by Saturn, Lord Karma, and brings a heavy dose of responsibility and sobriety, but there’s a promise of the sweet nectar of victory if we discipline ourselves in service of our higher purpose.

Austin Coppock writes of this decan, “There is exhaustion here, but satisfaction as well. It is the last mile of the marathon where sweat and exhaustion mingle with the taste of victory… The hard pathways of this face are thus littered with desperate, brave and heroic acts.”

In the realm of intimacy

The Cancer Solstice follows the Blue Moon by 12 hours, signifying a maximum point of the Sun (maximum ascent in the Northern Hemisphere and maximum descent in the Southern Hemisphere).

The ancients celebrated this change of season as a significant turning point, and it’s reflected in our life force. 

The transition of the Sun from Gemini to Cancer shifts the life force emphasis from the mind to the realm of emotions. Cancer is the sign associated with alignment with one’s internal rhythm. As the Sun follows Venus currently in this sign, the need for nurturing of self and in relationship washes over the heightened atmosphere of the human drama.

Destiny amplified

The ruler of this Full Moon is expansive Jupiter in Virgo who’s making a conjunction to the lunar North Node of Destiny, allowing for meaningful connections that can help to light the way forward in this labyrinth of adaptation we’re wandering through.

Mercury is transiting mid-Gemini and filling in the space left by the Gemini New Moon which means we have a part two of the Mutable Grand Cross. This time, we may find that information and mental inquiry can provide insight as we continue to refine our vision for our lives.

And finally, Chiron in Pisces, the shamanic soul healer, is squaring this Blue Moon and asking for sacrifice of that which is unnecessary to forward our spiritual quest.

The wounds, shame and fear that might aries at this time are not to linger in but to experience long enough to grasp the sacredness of your quest and it’s profound soul meaning.

Saturn square Neptune| Dissolve and Evolve


Neptune, the planet most associated with dreams, fantasy and illusion, recently stationed retrograde in Pisces and is forming an exact square with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius at 12 degrees.

The Saturn-Neptune square is an aspect of the recent Mutable Grand Cross, and it’s one of the most significant transits we’re experiencing collectively this year as the known world dissolves while a new world order prepares to be born.

Saturn symbolizes formation of boundaries and unavoidable karmic lessons, while Neptune erodes boundaries and seduces us with fantasy and illusion.

The energetic collision of these two forces is the catalyst for massive disillusionment of ideals yet can lead to even greater individual and collective evolution.

And we must evolve along with it.

From Paris to Orlando

The first exact aspect of the Saturn-Neptune square was last November, shortly after the terror attacks in Paris that captured the attention and compassion of the world.

Now, both planets are retrograde. Retrograde planets often affect us on a personal, internal level and since both of these planets affect our boundaries, it’s our internal boundaries and attitudes that are mutating in step with the outer world events.

Erin Sullivan writes: “Neptune retrograde invites one to return to the womb state to incubate and eventually be reborn.”

While the world mourns and prays for Orlando in the aftermath of the massacre of Pulse nightclub, we’ve taken a collective pause to reflect on what it means to be part of the tribe of humanity.

What’s arising is a call for more compassion and love – especially toward the LGTBQ community – as nations across the globe are honoring this tragedy with rainbow-lit public sites and touching gestures of all kinds.

Freedom and Brotherhood

Saturn in Sagittarius can bring out the worst of racism and bigotry. The world last saw this aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces during the 1600’s, the time of the Salem witch trials and the Spanish Inquisition where the world was rife with fear and persecution.

At times, we’ve faced this same heightened pandemonium in today’s atmosphere of surging fear and conflicting values.


This Saturn-Neptune cycle originated with the conjunction at 10 deg Capricorn in 1989 at the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. That was a time of literally breaking down barriers, filled with ecstatic hope that a new world order included freedom and brotherhood.

This part of the cycle we’re currently experiencing is the third quarter square signifying a “crisis in consciousness.”

How far has humanity really come since the Cold War in our efforts toward freedom, understanding and unity?  

The square will be exact again September 10 at 10 degrees Sag/Pisces during eclipse season and is likely to be yet another paradigm-shifting time and a visceral awakening into a greater clarity of consciousness.

Stepping into the arena

What does this mean for us at a personal level?

That it’s time to review your own judgements, fantasies and excuses for not living your most fulfilled life and become the catalyst of your highest destiny.

A new dream is now forming, making the old one obsolete. In one way or another, we’re urged to step into the arena of our lives.

To do so we must move past fear, insecurity and doubt and rise to the occasion of our calling.

Neptune is the dream. Saturn is the discipline. These are essential elements to the conscious evolution available to us at this pivotal moment in time.


Eris conjunct Uranus | Chaos in the collective


Today, June 9 is a revolutionary day in the cosmos as Uranus, the Great Awakener makes an exact conjunction with Eris, Goddess of Discord.

Together these can be an explosive combination of chaos and radicalism.

This is at 23 Aries which happens to be on my Chiron, the soul healer. Those born around mid-1974, late 1975 and early 1976 will also have this contact.

Chiron touches on our soul wounds but also where our greatest gifts can be found. For me, it’s in my 3rd house of communication and I’ve been inspired to share my truth more and more, even if it’s seen as disruptive. This is a long term transit and requires our growth and adaptation.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:
“Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia.”

Keynote: Openness to the influx of spiritual energies. Molded by transpersonal forces.

Today, we also see Mars rx in Scorpio opposite Mercury in Taurus on Algol. This can lead to restlessness and a polarization of communication and action.

The beauty of Mars in Scorpio is it’s ability to be strategic, but it needs focus. Algol – the star associated with Medusa – can lead us to ‘lose our heads’ in headed debates.

Now more than ever, choose your battles wisely and don’t jump to conclusions. This isn’t a time to silence yourself, but rather to align with the causes closest to your heart and apply these powerful resources toward creating the change that truly matters.