Insight Supernovas

Image of a star forming via Hubble Space Telescope

BOOM!  This week the Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn – a tense and potentially explosive aspect.  While the Sun in Libra has an ultimate purpose of balance and harmony, this hard aspect with the unstoppable force of Pluto in Capricorn can unleash a storm of rage and self righteousness, leading to relationship and communication breakdowns.

While unpleasant, these experiences are built into the human experience for a reason.  But we always have a choice in response.  If the drama doesn’t involve you, for heaven’s sake step out of the way if nothing else to observe from a safe distance.  But if you’re caught up in the whirlwind of a dramatic happening yourself, it’s your job to find the lesson in it.  The lessons of Pluto are long-term ones and come from deep below.  Rarely is the issue what it appears to be on the surface.  Find a way to have maximum impact with minimal damage.

As Spiritual teacher Matt Kahn says: “Everything is either love or a call to love.”  This teaching can be a guide to open a window of awareness on any tricky situation.

Adding to the melodrama, we have a disorienting aspect of Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces which can have the effect of projecting onto others’ our own suspicions, stories and obsessions.  Mars in Virgo is compelled to get a heap of busywork done however, the aspect with Neptune in Pisces can confuse the goal or direction.

Ask yourself: Am I obsessing over someone’s evil intentions that are actually based on pure fantasy?  Did I just spend several days working my fingers to the bone only to find myself in the middle of nowhere and far-flung from my true priorities and goals?

Plan ahead step by step and work that plan with as much consciousness as possible.  Getting carried away on a whim can lead you far out to sea.

We’re still in Mercury retrograde, confusing our ability to effectively communicate and understand one another.  But give it some time.  When Mercury stations direct on October 9 on the North Node of Destiny, greater clarity and insight will be gifted to us if we’re awake and aware to it.

All of this comes just in time for the Draconid meteor shower lighting up the night sky with shooting stars, peaking on Oct 8 and 9.  So settle in and enjoy the wondrous lightshow.

Aries Lunar Eclipse | Radical Awareness

Image: Ritual preparation for Sunday’s lunar eclipse with candles for Angels and Lightbearers of the Eclipse Unity Circle.

This Sunday at 10:50pm EDT the Full Moon alignment is exact, which will also be a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries.  If your world hasn’t been rocked by now well, there’s still time (Cheshire cat grin).

The beauty of lunar eclipses is that they can create sweeping change of what is not working in our lives while ushering in new awareness.  The Nodes of Destiny are what elevate a typical full moon into a lunar eclipse so whatever corrections are happening now are forces of radical awareness at work.

Each of us was born into a conversation.  Eclipses are a chance to change that conversation radically.

The Cardinal signs are getting the most direct hit from this lunation – the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – but the influence of this eclipse is affecting many of us in unique ways to transform the trajectory of our personal story lines.  For insight into your own personal astrology, consider booking a reading with me.

The Moon in warrior Aries is joined with Vesta, goddess of our creative and sexual fire.  They’re in a tense opposition with the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra who’s joined by the partnership-oriented Juno.  Lots of tension needing an outlet.  This can bring crisis in relationships, fairness and trust.

This eclipse brings opportunities for attempts at diplomacy and mutual wins if we’re determined to stay the course.  But there’s also the possibility of admitting defeat.  As souls having a human experience we can’t always walk the path along side everyone we once cared for, no matter how deeply.

In the mix of this eclipse is asteroid Lilith who often brings with her a sense of rejection and repression, and sometimes humiliation.  Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of a blow to the ego, be awake to the impact of your response.

As my brilliant friend Erin-Ashley Kerti of Spiritual Mechanic says when faced with a tough situation “there’s a classy way to do it.”

Once you begin resonating with the vibration of your soul purpose the conversation changes.  What soon follows is those around you being to change.  Some will be repelled and walk away.  But others will be drawn to the light of your truth.

What makes eclipses extraordinary is their ability to usher in profound new connections to people who resonate with the deepest part of ourselves.  {Click to Tweet this out}

Look around you.  Whomever is at your side when you’ve hit the skids is worth noticing.  Consider these people significant players in the innovation of your life experience.

No matter how awake and aware we’ve been up to now, there’s still the opportunity of a new dimension of understanding available.  This is the illumination of the eclipse.  Allow yourself to be swept up in the emergence of your true soul nature.

So if you don’t like what’s being said, hold yourself up to a higher standard, be classy and change the conversation.

And make that conversation a radical one.

Equinox | Balance, Harmony and Destiny


Today is the Autumn Equinox for us in the Northern hemisphere (Spring for our Southern hemisphere friends) and it seems like just yesterday that I was hanging out in the sunshine by the pool.

In fact, it WAS just yesterday! Check out my Periscope for my poolside cosmic chat at @radaintastro.

But today’s a different story. The Autumn Equinox is ushering in the Fall season with dark clouds rolling in and they’re apparently here to stay a while.

The Fall Equinox is marked by the Sun entering the sign of Libra as we experience a period of equal days and nights. The nights will grow longer and the days shorter and we’ll sense a desire to get cozy.

Libra is the relational sign in the zodiac who seeks balance and harmony. While this may be our core intent at this time, we can find ourselves challenged over the coming days as Mercury retrograde squares Pluto – who is turning direct. This can lead to intense conversations and interactions.

The opportunity available is having a deep conversation with someone that transforms you both. A profound opening of awareness. The pitfall to watch out for is power struggles, conflict and obsessive thoughts about what you cannot control.

When the goal is cooperation and balance, your words and tone are crucial. Our default right now is to be blunt, forceful and intense with this aspect.

Hold yourself to a higher standard than ever before.

This doesn’t mean not being authentically self expressed. But know that the words you use, your tone and delivery have a great impact right now.

So does your silence.

I’ve been speaking a lot about Destiny lately and here we have yet another moment of Destiny calling because the North Node of Destiny is joining the Sun and both are at the Super Galactic Center.

If events in our lives feel significant right now, consider that perhaps they are. It’s not always comfortable and many of us are experiencing the breakdown before the breakthrough.

As we approach Sunday’s potent lunar eclipse, allow yourself to move in the mystery ~ with both eyes wide open.

{Mercury Rx + Jupiter Opp Neptune} Compassion, Laughter + Poise


“Okay, so… what am I doing?”

[Sees man running]

“Oh I’m chasing this guy”

[Runs after man.

Man pulls a gun out and shoots at him.]

“Oh no… he’s chasing me!”

This is one of my favorite scenes in the 90’s cult classic film Memento starring Guy Pearce. It’s about a guy on a quest to find the man who killed his wife.

Only one slight problem. He has no short-term memory and can’t remember one moment to the text. His solution? He tattoos his entire body with notes on who his looking for a new the clues he’s found. The problem was, the more he tried to control an impossible situation, the deeper a hole he dug himself in.

But it was actually pretty funny!

This is kind of like the astrology of right now. Lots going on to confuse our minds. And if we don’t write it down, it’s as good as gone.

Or maybe it wasn’t meant to get done anyway?

I feel like I’m gliding through life lately with a million things to do, but no destination in sight. As soon as I follow one thread, another one seems to need attention.

Oh and not to mention those crazy vivid dreams…

On Thursday we have two major alignments happening in our skies, Mercury stations retrograde in Libra and Jupiter opposes Neptune.

By now, many of us are familiar with the gist of what it means when Mercury is retrograde. We become anxious and rushed for no reason. We’re confused, lose things and ~ worst of all in this age of technology ~ our electronic devices rebel against us.

“What did I do to deserve such defiance from you, dear laptop?!” Oh yes, begging, cursing and crying over our electronics often comes with the territory.

This Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Libra who seeks balance, pleasant relationships and peace. We may find ourselves confused with someone’s intentions or words. Are we naturally trusting or are we overly suspicious? When words fail you, drop in the the heart and listen to what’s really going on beyond the words.

Add to this turbulence is Jupiter opposing Neptune. Confusion and delusion are the realm of watery Neptune. As it opposes Jupiter this bewilderment expands and for some of us it’s as if we’re washed out to sea.

That’s why is’t important to swim in the general direction of where you want to go. Relax your need to be there on time or get there in a straight line.

Compassion, laughter and poise are your guardian angels right now.

Now, where was I going, again? Oh yes, intuition!

The beauty of our mental capacity being switched “off” is that our intuition is turned “on”. Like turbo on. So make the most of your manifestation rituals, your creativity and your allowing for miracles. This is an enchanted time.

As for those crazy dreams… write them down! As soon as you wake up. No matter how strange, disturbing or non-sensical they may seem. It’s gets it out of your head and on to the page – like a psyche dump – and in time you may find some gems of wisdom there.

My guest for next Monday’s Eclipse Unity Circle call will be mystic writer and shamanic dream guide Kate Temple-West who’ll be speaking to our group on deciphering prophetic dreams. She’ll be doing an invocation and a dreamwork game… intrigued?  The Circle closes on Thursday, Join us!

The eclipse that f*cked my destiny


This Sunday is the Virgo New Moon and it’s also a solar eclipse.  During eclipses the lunar nodes – also known as the Nodes of Destiny – are closely aligned with the Sun-Moon aspect.

Eclipses happen in 19 year cycles and set us on a path that can affect us for years.  The last Virgo Solar Eclipse was in September of 1996.

That one, if I can be completely honest, f*cked up my destiny.

I was 20 years old and a college student and had spent the summer in NYC studying acting at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre.  My instructors were some of the best in the biz.  And they did not mess around.

I had been a working child actor and model since the age of 12 and always saw myself as an artist.  But that summer was incredibly painful.  It was intimidating, confusing and downright traumatic.  It made me question my purpose and ability to be creative.

That September, when the Fall semester of college began, I made a pact with myself that I would give up on my dream of being an actor.  I would focus 100% on my degree in International Business, graduate on time, get a normal job and have a normal life.

I threw in the towel.

Knowing what I know now, I can see why I made that decision.  The “low side” of Virgo is being highly self-critical.  Virgo wants sacrifice and purity but we can go too far in our quest for perfection.  Add to that the solar eclipse which can make us feel confused about our purpose and life direction.

That shift away from my creative fire took many years to unravel.  Only recently have I found myself once again inspired by life and dance with the Muse.

I’m now faced yet again with “do I have what it takes to make this dream real?”  And this time around I’m saying yes.  I’m devoted to mastery of my craft and as challenging as it may be at times, I’m committed.

Spend this weekend doing something you love because the energy of an eclipse leaves an imprint – a resonance – that lasts with us for weeks, possibly even years.  What habits or energetic space do you want more of in your life?

New Moons are always times to plant seeds and eclipses are like adding MiracleGrow to the soil.

Sunday’s solar eclipse, exact at 2:41am EDT, may see old wounds resurface for deep healing because the eclipse will be directly opposite Chiron, the soul healer.  This aspect also has a sense of “fighting for what’s right” and standing up for your beliefs.

The Nodes of Destiny will be on the Libra-Aries axis and are saying, when faced with a choice between “me first” and “balance”, choosing balance and working toward mutual agreement will be the pathway toward higher destiny.

This solar eclipse opens a vortex of massive shifts that will build toward the lunar eclipse “blood moon” on September 28.  This period can create deviations in our known path.  Eclipse periods are “non-linear evolution” so be open and take great care to follow your heart’s desire.  What you plant will grow.



Eclipse Unity Circle (2)

As we enter the Fall season, this is a time like no other.  If you have the sense that there is something more going on within and without, you’re right.  And you aren’t alone.

September ushers in a powerful eclipse vortex beginning with a solar eclipse on September 13, followed by a transformative lunar eclipse ‘ascension blood moon’ on September 28.

Eclipses are times of accelerated evolution and non-linear destiny.  They’re times when we can sense the hand of fate at work in our metamorphosis.

The forces of the Universe want to speak to us in a way that elevates our experience in this life, and astrology is that language.

Whether we’re sensing the swirling energies within us or we’re caught up in the cyclonic undertow of life, what is arising has a purpose and if we’re awake and aware, we’ll be less afraid and sense the presence of Grace in all that unfolds in our lives.

I’ve created this private group as a safe space for those who want to use this powerful vortex to gain insight into the workings of the Universe, their own soul’s purpose and receive support and guidance during this intensely transformative time.

For 3 weeks from Sept 11 – Oct 1st, we’ll come together in a small group for lucidity, alchemy and integration.  Using the wisdom of astrology as well as alchemical ritual, I’ll help to guide and enlighten you on this journey of blossoming and expansion of light.

This 3 week program includes:

:: A small, secret Facebook group of like-minded lightworkers on the path of transformation and purpose.

:: You’ll learn to cast your astrology chart and I will provide guidance and insight on your personal astrology and how it’s being affected by the eclipses.

:: Monday Intention Blessings

:: A weekly healing and integration call to come together in sacred community

:: Guest teachings from some of the most gifted healers and coaches I know (see below).


:: I’m passionate about the practice of alchemy and it’s healing effects on the soul and psyche.  As an optional activity, I’ll offer you an alchemical ritual to to honor your ruling planet and align with it’s divine forces.  I’ll guide you through a sacred ritual with planet invocations, healing music, divination teas and altar creation.


We’ll have a glittering array of guests to enhance our healing and wisdom of this time of ascension and evolution.



LYNN LOUISE WONDERS channels the light language of Kuan Yin, “the sacred wind” and she’ll visit us for a special transmission that heals at the level of our DNA so that we may attune to the vibration of compassion.

KATIE KOZLOWSKI is a divine channel for the 5-D ascension that is rippling through humanity at this very pivotal time on Earth.  Katie has some brilliant insights on how to move with the ascension process with grace and trust.

MAUREEN SALADINO expoldes with wonder, faith and bad-assery.  Her heart is so huge and expansive that she creates shifts of joy in an instant.  As an Angel Abundance Guide, she’ll help us to access the deep well of prosperity and bliss within.

DANIELLE MERCURIO is a kundalini mentor and intuitive astrologist, she’ll create a special meditation to accessing the powerful kundalini energy during this potent eclipse vortex.

MIKE IAMELE will be our special guest for the lunar eclipse ‘blood moon’.  Mike is a maverick at creating sacred space wherever he goes and he will help us learn how we can ease into vulnerability in perfect trust and guided by grace.

~Program runs Sept 11 – October 1st ~


Wed, Sept 16 @ 8PM EST | Mercury rx in Libra ~ Past life lessons in relationships. Lightbearer guest, Julie A. Sergel

Mon, Sept 21 @ 6PM EST | Jupiter opposite Neptune ~ Gleaning gold from your dreams. Lightbearer guest, Kate Temple West

Wed, Sept 23 @ 8PM EST | Equinox extravaganza ~ Embodying transformation. Lightbearer guests, Danielle Mercurio and Maureen Saladino

Mon, Sept 28 @ 6pm EST | Ascension Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries ~ The emergence of soul nature. Lightbearer guest, Katie Kozlowski

Wed, Sept 30 @ 8pm EST | Integration Call, circle closes ~ Lightbearer guest, Lynn Louise Wonders

If you feel the call to join an enlightened group of light bearers willing and able to guide you through this time of massive transition, join us in the Eclipse Unity Circe.


I hope you’ll gather with us in a blessed community of exquisite care and unity.

Blessed be,