Mars conjunct Saturn + the Archangels

In today’s Podcast, I explore the meeting of Mars and Saturn on the royal star Antares in Sagittarius, as well as insight on the Divine Feminine energy of Virgo and the Archangels aligned with the royal stars.

The fixed star Antares is at 9 degrees Sagittarius and is the ‘heart of the Scorpion,’ containing a sense of passion with great purpose. Mars and Saturn begin a new 2-year cycle, cutting away the past and urging us to find the courage and faith to begin a new phase of action toward our higher purpose.

I also talk about Thursday’s opposition with the Moon on Aldebaran – another royal star – a call to find integrity in our quest toward creating a new future.

All of this energy can create a sense of urgency which can be exhilarating but also dangerous since Mars is out of bounds and the action is heightened and can easily spin out of control.

I also share how the royal stars are associated with the Archangels Michael and Uriel who can be emissaries to bring peace, protection and unity consciousness.

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{Podcast Ep1} Aquarius Full Moon

Surprise! It’s the first episode of my weekly Radiant Astrology podcast, this one on focuses on the Aquarius Full Moon.

And how Aquarian to launch at this time since Aquarius/Uranus rules technology, astrology and the unexpected!

In this podcast, I share:

  • How this Aquarius Full Moon has a theme of infusing our life force with inventiveness and divine inspiration.
  • The polarization between the needs of the collective (Aquarius) versus our egoic drive (Leo) calls for balance.
  • While there’s debate whether or not this full moon is a lunar eclipse (you’ll hear my view) we are entering the ‘eclipse portal’ at this Full Moon.
  • I explore the symbol of this face of Aquarius of the ‘karmic knot’.
  • How we’re in the pre-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde and what to expect.
  • Enjoy!

Saturn Direct and Adulting


This Saturday, Saturn stations direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius on Antares, an ancient star indicating vast undertakings requiring unfaltering faith.

Since March 25, Saturn – Lord Karma – has had us internalize and reflect on our ability to father ourselves while we attempt to make our long term vision real in the world. If you know your astrology chart, check to see the house where Saturn is transiting which will give you an idea of the area of life where you need to be ‘adulting.’

The peak of this retrograde phase came June 3-4 when the Sun-Venus in Gemini opposed Saturn. In what ways were you then trying to gain control over your life, possibly out of frustration or a sense of lack of control? Since Venus was involved there may have been a theme around relationships with others and a sense of empowerment or disempowerment.

Since then we’ve been learning lessons around trusting our inner authority and our personal moral compass. Now that Saturn is turing direct, the next several days may sense as anything from a mild sense of dissatisfaction to an outright defeat (depending on how it aspects your personal astrology). The square to Venus in Virgo can put added pressure on how much we can accept ourselves and our sense of failure or success.

Are our expectations unrealistic when it comes to what we can achieve and in the expected timeframe? Can we care for ourselves as a benevolent adult would to a loved child, without the guilt and punishment?

It’s essential at this time to have patience and forgiveness, especially with ourselves. Saturn is squaring Venus in Virgo which can turn into criticism in relationships or even intense self-criticism. Reorienting our focus toward meaningful work, being of service, organizing and caring for our wellness can be helpful as we navigate this challenging period.

Meanwhile, Saturn is square Neptune, asking us to keep holding the higher vision of our aspirations. For some, this might look like throwing in the towel if the road you’re on isn’t inspiring enough. For others it will take an up-leveling of commitment and faith. Taking baby steps is fine as long as they are in the direction of our dreams.

Leo New Moon | Radiant Heart


Leo New Moon
Tuesday, August 2
1:44 pm PDT / 4:44 pm EDT
10 degrees 58 minutes of Leo

Today’s radiant Leo New Moon aligns us with the part of ourselves that craves validation and harnesses our ability to shine. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so to have both the Sun and Moon align in the sign of the Sun’s rulership is an auspicious time to plant seeds of growing your personal power.

Radiant Leo the King

Leo is symbolized by the archetype of the King and denotes majesty, power and generosity. Leo also symbolizes the Child who wants to play, create and shine. Maintaining an innocent heart is part of the soul path of those born under this sign and that takes having faith in the goodness of others, even after one has experienced the harshness of betrayal, rejection or victimization. The natural radiance of the Sun has the power to burn away the pain of the past and bestow light upon the land.

Whereas the Sun/Leo is the King, Saturn likened to the Prime Minister who’s not so concerned with being charming or well-liked but rather getting the job done through patience, discipline and competence. The Sun is in a flowing trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at the New Moon, supporting our ability to radiate with truth and dignity. It’s as if the petulant child-king embodies the discipline that transforms him into a mature leader.

It’s important to be mindful of the low side of Saturn in Sag (squaring Neptune in Pisces) which can manifest as righteousness, judgement and even go so far as a witch hunt toward others that we disagree with.

Lilith Unleashed

This New Moon squares Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, provoking the angry feminine whose life force has been shamed, repressed or rejected. Lilith in Scorpio can bring to light what’s long been covered in the dark, often with a ferocity of a truth that needs purging. Lilith rejects to good girl image in order to integrate the fullness of the experience of the feminine. Speaking her truth – as unsettling as it may be – ultimately makes us whole again.

Mars in Sagittarius – the personal crusade

As this New Moon aligns, Mars ingresses into the sign of Sagittarius, leaving behind the destruction and darkness of its tour through it’s ancient ruling sign of Scorpio. The fire sign of Sagittarius elevates the higher causes of action-oriented Mars. Our drive will sense as more empowered and optimistic during this transit. That is, until Mars crashes into Saturn in late August and the strength of our personal power is tested.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at the 11th degree of Leo is “Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree.”

Honor this New Moon in Leo by giving the child the validation he/she craves. Even if your personal crusade is fueled by a seriousness of purpose, it’s vital to move forward with the innocence of a child – one that is rooted in mature wisdom but whose heart radiates the love, generosity and joy that Leo is celebrated for. Play, create and express your heart!

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Capricorn Full Moon | Inspired Ambition


Capricorn Full Moon
Tuesday, July 19
3:56pm PST / 6:56pm EST
27 degrees 40 min Capricorn / Cancer

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Capricorn invites us to take our seat on the throne of our ambition while we allow divine wisdom to guide our consciousness and creative impulses. 

Full moons are moments of fruition and the seeds we planted at the corresponding New Moon (January 9th) are now flowering. Capricorn is the sign of achievement and competence and is rooted in the material realm. This is an auspicious time to gain traction in making goals a reality.

At this mid-point of the year, it’s a good time to asses what you’ve accomplished thus far. What are the physical manifestations of what you’ve created and achieved in your area of career, public image and material wealth?

Even more importantly, how aligned are these achievements with what you now know about our world and your duty as a citizen of humanity?

The ruler of this Full Moon is Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct the fixed star Antares suggesting a warrior-like ability to making our aspirations real in the world. 

Grand Water Trine – healing humanity’s wounds

The full moon aligns with the Grand Water Trine (Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces) provoking the collective wounding so in need of healing and nurturing. Compassion means “to suffer with” and nearly every corner of the world is experiencing trauma on a massive scale.

The goals we may have set for ourselves at the January New Moon must now be infused with new aims that are alchemized by the transformation we’re experiencing at both a personal and global level. Our hearts have been torn open by recent events so it’s essential that we create a new paradigm with a vision of healing in mind.

Listening for divine guidance

The Sabian Symbol for the 28th degree of Capricorn is “A large aviary.”

Dane Rudhyar interprets this symbol as clairaudience that swirls within the mind as inner voices of inspiration.

“Birds symbolize spiritual forces, and the aviary presents us with a picture of these forces or desires contained within a mind open to the light of psychic or Soul realities, and bringing joy and harmony to the consciousness…

The youthful effort the reach the summits of cultural and spiritual attainment has settled down into a complex state of inspiration… one may speak here of CLAIRAUDIENCE, meaning a capacity of being responsive to many inner voices.”

Shattering expectations

The Great Awakener, Uranus, is still joined to Eris, the Goddess of Discord and both of which are in Aries squaring the Full Moon. This indicates disruptions and a desire to break free from authority, burdens and expectations

Uranus also symbolizes flashes of insight and psychic vision so we may find ourselves following divinely-inspired creative inspiration, even if it means shattering comfort zones and expectations.

The throne of power

The Full Moon falls in the 3rd decan of Capricorn, where the image is of a throne. Astrologer Austin Coppock writes that this is the seat of great rulers who are burdened with the responsibility of leading.

“The power of this face is to draw one close to high seats of power. The attention of people of influence can be gained, as might a throne of one’s own. Yet these positions always come with responsibility, and to sit in them is to be tempted by hubris.”

Summary: The Capricorn Full Moon reveals what we’ve accomplished to date in the material realm and activates our sacred warrior archetype to make our long term vision real in the world. It’s calling for radical belief in our higher vision and divine insight. We’re still nursing our wounds from the pain of the collective consciousness and must accept our responsibilities to creating a better world as we climb the mountain to our next summit of achievement.


Cancer New Moon | Precious Abundance

Untitled design

The New Moon in Cancer is exact at 4:00am PDT / 7:00am EDT on Monday, July 4th at 12 degrees Cancer.

The Moon is in it’s sign of rulership in Cancer, so this should make for an Independence Day weekend where we crave familiarity, nourishment and connection.

Internal integration is a focus at this time as Cancer invites us to align with our personal, private sanctuary. The New Moon trines Neptune and the South Node in Pisces acting to dissolve what’s keeping us from receiving the nourishment we crave for us to truly heal and prosper.

As the New Moon applies to oppose Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, our desire for regeneration may sense as a deep yet subtle urge that grows more acute over the coming week as the Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Sun come under Pluto rx’s intense transformative energies, inviting a re-birth of our true personal essence.

In Diamond Heart, AH Almaas explains what he calls the “Birth of the True Personal Essence” as the following:

“Who we truly are, our personal beingness is born in a bed of tenderness, kindness, and value. When the true Personal Essence is born, it is born in a golden cradle covered with a sheet of green.”

This sense of preciousness is echoed in the symbol of this decan Cancer II and, according to Austin Coppock’s 36 Faces, is that of a walled garden where what is beautiful, lush and precious must be protected and nurtured.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 3 of Cups, also known as Abundance in the Thoth tarot deck, reminding us that this deep space of regeneration is where the greatest jewels of our essence lies.

13588816_10157632093503125_109873860_oAbundance Manifesting

New Moons are excellent times for new beginnings and this particular one is auspicious for beginnings that can be nurtured into fruition with care and patience.

Those with natal planets 10-14 degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn will more strongly experience this New Moon, however, we all can find the house this 12 degree Cancer New Moon falls in and consider this a fertile time of new beginnings in that house.

Bring the element of water into your ritual such as a meditative bath as you envision your intentions around abundance, contentment and connectedness.

Blessing for a cozy and abundant New Moon in Cancer!