May 21 Sagittarius Full Moon Warrior Spirit


As the moon waxes toward the Sagittarius Full Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius/Gemini at 5:14pm EST on Saturday May 21, we’ll sense an acceleration that can rouse our enthusiasm, sense of adventure and warrior spirit.

The next several days will see the Sun enter Gemini on Friday, the Full Moon conjunct Mars rx on Saturday, Mercury station direct on Sunday as Venus and Mars rx align for an opposition next Tuesday. Hold on tight…

This Full Moon is conjunct Mars rx – the warrior planet – so we’ll likely witness more volatility in the collective.

Giving in to frustration and impulsiveness will be easy. What’s challenging is finding ways around confrontations. A true warrior can speak the truth and stand up for what’s right without spoiling for a fight.

Full Moons highlight polarizations and here we have the polarization between the Gemini impulse for information, facts and knowledge against the Sagittarius urge for wisdom, faith and truth.  

The Sun, newly ingressed into Gemini, provides us the much needed element of Air. Pathways of communication that may have been closed during Taurus season will now have an opportunity to vent, but communication can still be tricky until Mercury enters Gemini June 13.

Possessed by Righteousness

Austin Coppock writes that this first decan of Sagittarius carries the symbol of the ‘Poisoned Arrow,’ capable of swift and precise accomplishment, but also violence and destruction. Sagittarius can bring about righteousness run amok.  

Mercury stations direct this weekend adding to the potential of truths revealed and information being hacked or hijacked. Venus, the relationship planet, will be on the fixed star Caput Algol which symbolizes a runaway reaction of ‘losing one’s head’. She’ll soon face an opposition with Mars, suggesting masculine-feminine dynamics are especially tense.

The igniting of fire and air energy amplifies the potential for getting carried away and shaking up relationships. If we don’t know where we stand or what our priorities are, we could easily get derailed and carried off into drama, power struggles and arguments.

True, Helpful, Kind

Sagittarius is the philosopher and seeks the greater truths. But ‘truth telling’ alone can be problematic and even hurtful when it’s not aligned with being helpful or kind.

As the wise old saying goes, before you offer your opinion ask yourself first:

: Is it TRUE?

: Is it HELPFUL?

: Is it KIND?

As a trained archer is precise with where they aim, this same precision can be used in our communications and intentions.

Words are powerful and the damage they can do is sometimes irreversible. Keep this in mind when aiming your arrows of truthiness.

We’ll have another Sagittarius Full Moon at the end of Sag on June 20 – a Blue Moon – and so the adventures begin…


May 9 | Cosmic Blessings


Today, May 9, will mark the mid-point of the Mercury retrograde in Taurus transit and will feature a rare Mercury eclipse of the Sun as well as Jupiter station direct in Virgo.

Mercury transits the face of the Sun, viewable (with special binoculars or on NASA’s live feed) from 7:10 am to 2:44 pm EST.  This is an inferior conjunction of retrograde Mercury and the Sun at 19 degrees Taurus aligned with Mercury’s nodes at 19 degrees Taurus.

As Mercury enters the heart of the Sun in an ‘eclipse’-like event not seen in 10 years, we’ll want to keep our eyes open for flashes of insight from the planet of communication.  Whereas Taurus often is associated with the physical body and what we value, we’ll perhaps get a physical sense of messages – verbal as well as non-verbal – that strikes us as significant and perhaps even supernatural.

The Sabian Symbol of this degree is “Wisps of winglike clouds streaming across the sky.”

Rudhyar’s keynote is the awareness of spiritual forces at work.  Receiving the BLESSINGS of super-natural forces.

The theme of “blessings” is repeated as Jupiter, the planet of blessings, is stationing direct today at 13 Virgo, opening up a window of opportunity and possibilities that’s eluded us since it’s retrograde station January 8. This marks the first of the 5 Planets Retrograde to go direct.

Jupiter in Virgo has inflated our areas of work, service and health this year, but during it’s retrograde it may have been challenging to perceive it’s ‘blessings.’  If we’ve stayed the course aligned with the Virgoan virtues of humble service, toiling toward mastery or prioritizing our health and healing, we may finally see the fruits of this great benefit ripen and bestowed upon us.

The Sabian Symbol of “an aristocratic family tree” points to the importance of our ancestral “roots” and we grow, expand and evolve toward our potential.

In the U.S., we celebrated Mother’s Day this past weekend which brought many of us closer to the female lineage of our heritage as well as our own potential as caregivers for future generations.

Whatever blessings you receive at this time (check your chart for the houses and aspects involved with 19 Taurus and 13 Virgo for indications of the areas of life highlighted) have in mind their purpose for not only your personal evolution but that which can benefit the larger scope of humanity.

For more on how to navigate this Mercury retrograde peak and final phase, check out my Mercury retrograde webinar and support package.

Taurus New Moon | A Deep Thirst for Peace


The New Moon in Taurus aligns at 16 degrees Taurus on Friday, May 6 at 12:29pm PST / 3:29pm EST and signifies a fresh start for creativity and a cycle of new beginnings.

It’s said that the Buddha was a Taurus and it’s easy to see the correlation when we look at images of this immobile figure in meditation embodying peace, substance and higher consciousness.  

But anyone who’s sat for any length of time in meditation knows that it’s not always as blissful as it may look from the outside.  Inside, we often fight fierce internal battles within.  We face the shame, loneliness, righteousness and addictive thoughts that drive our subconscious behaviors.  

Taurus season suggests privacy and introspection.  Only through the meditative process of inner understanding can we truly integrate matter and spirit.

Swords and Torches

The Sabian Symbol for 16 Taurus is: A symbolic battle between “swords” and “torches”.

Whether in meditation or out in the world, we can observe that battles between swords of judgement and the torches of spiritual light are raging.  

This is echoed by asteroid goddess Vesta, which represents devotion to our personal eternal flame, applying to fixed star Algol associated with Medusa-like outbursts that see us “lose our heads”. If our sacred devotion is threatened we may not take kindly to it.

We’ll see more of this energy the last half of the month when the Sun and Venus transit this point and suppressed furies unleash.  With this insight, what can we do now to unhook from any impending tantrums of our own?

Gasping for Air

The chart for this New Moon shows no planets in Air signs, so communication and ideas are sparse. In addition, the communication planet Mercury is retrograde so confusions abound.  Don’t be surprised if attempts to “clear the air” over misunderstandings turn futile with neither party willing to budge. Agreeing to disagree for the time being may be the best option over a righteous battle of wills. At this time, silence is truly golden.

A Deep Thirst

We’re in the heart of the 5 planets retrograde and our meditations can be filled with ancient cravings for nourishment at a deep, soul level.  The only water in this New Moon chart is in timeless Pisces with Chiron, Neptune and the South Node forming a supportive sextile to the Taurus planets, offering to quench our symbolic thirst as our past suffering acts as the nourishing water to the soil of our healing. 

Manifesting with the New Earth Grid

The prevalence of Earth energy at this New Moon – the New Moon in Taurus is in a Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter rx in Virgo and Pluto rx in Capricorn – provides grounding and traction for our intentions to take root and manifest in the physical world.

As with any New Moon, the intentions set from the time of the exact alignment – in this case May 6 at 3:29pm – for about 72 hours is ideal for contemplating new intentions and setting them in motion.

Intentions set around our security, values, self-worth and talents are especially aligned with this New Moon.  Meditating with your bare feet on the ground will connect you with the ancient physical Earth.

You can also channel the energy of the New Earth Grid – the 5 D energetic grid that is fueling the ascension of human consciousness –  to align with the energy of creation in alignment with your highest intentions.

Allow the ancient past and the distant future to mingle and flow through you. Let the internal wars dissolve into peace and harmony. Feel the connection to where you are right now as your Body of Light rests peacefully in your Buddha Earth Body.

For more guidance on creating with the energies of May, check out my Mercury Rx in Taurus webinar recording package.

3D Erdkugel mit Blume des Lebens Symbol 2

Mercury retrograde in Taurus | Creation Alchemy


Mercury will slow to station retrograde on Thursday, April 28 at 23 degrees Taurus as it reverses through the zodiac until it turns direct on May 22 at 14 degrees Taurus.

This Mercury retrograde in Taurus takes us on a journey of creation alchemy.  We’ll become intimate with our inner muse and instinctive desires for the purpose of transforming our lives to be in alignment with our core values.

Mercury is the planet that symbolizes communication, journeys and learning.  It’s normally associated with quickness, but in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus it’s more deliberate and thoughtful.

Mercury in Earth puts an emphasis on the physical world – computers, phones, keys, shoes, cars and our physical bodies – especially the throat – are likely to be affected by Mercury rx in Taurus.  Normal patterns are interrupted or these things break or get damaged, so take extra care of your physical body, items and environment.

Taurus is concerned with survival, self-sufficiency and self-worth.  It’s rooted, stable and grounded.  There’s a sense of withdrawal and limitation with Taurus so taking small, considered steps is key.

Mercury in Taurus can procrastinate, be lazy and downright stubborn.  But what it wants is substance.  Fortunately, this isn’t one of those wild and frantic Mercury rx periods, so we’ll be more able to take time to consider before making important decisions.

As with all retrogrades, our efforts are best spent in activities of “re-doing” such as reviewing, revising, re-evaluating.    

Withdrawing into ourselves to re-asses what we truly value and how we can more fully align with those values is the key lesson for this Taurus Mercury retrograde.  

Venus, the ruling Earth Goddess

Venus rules this Taurus Mercury retrograde so we may find ourselves reviewing our self-worth, money, possessions and sensuality.

She’ll join both Mercury rx and the Sun in Taurus on Friday, April 29 and for most of May we’ll have an Earth Grand Trine bringing us back to our practical and organic Earthly nature.

Venus in her rulership of Taurus wants peace and luxury in the comfort of her own home. Her taste is refined, cultivated and of exceptional quality.  She’s stable, tactile and sensual.  

During retrogrades the barriers between our conscious and subconscious minds, calling in our creative muse. 
Perhaps during this Mercury retrograde, you’ll re-visit a talent for painting, writing, pottery, singing or another creative pursuit and take the time needed to develop it with quality and devotion.

Mercury retrograde cycle – Alchemy of Reflection and Experimentation

In order to align more naturally with the Mercury rx cycle, it’s important to be aware of the 3 phases of the cycle.  

As Mercury stations retrograde on Thursday, April 28 marking the start of the 1st phase of the retrograde cycle, the focus being one of withdrawal and reflection.  

This is a time to “bring home the knowledge of experience” and reflect on where we currently stand in terms of our survival needs, values and self-worth.   

May 9 is Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun and the “climax phase” of the retrograde period.  Think of this as Mercury’s reaching a symbolic “full moon phase” of this cycle. Keep your eyes open for profound insights and information being revealed.

The intention then shifts to the 3rd phase of experimentation, risk and adventure.  At this point, we’ll be emerging from contemplation and acting on our intuitive insights and instinctive desires.  

The alchemy will have created a deeper sense of personal truth and self-worth within us that needs expression in the world.

Meanwhile, in other retrogrades…

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all currently retrograde and with Mercury, that makes 5 planets retrograde at one time, intensifying our internal stirrings.  It’s quite an about-face from the All Planets Direct we experienced at the start of 2016.  

The call to the past is strong.  Connections to our ancestral lineage and the ancient wisdom passed down through generations is seeping through the collective consciousness.

There perhaps is no better symbol of this effect than the image of Harriet Tubman as the new face on the US currency, which made news as Mercury entered Taurus (Taurus = money).  Her eyes speak to the courage and foresight of past generations and that which is truly valuable and timeless – human dignity.


This Mercury retrograde, take the slow, scenic route and appreciate the view.  Slow down and be deliberate with your decisions and choice of words.  The time will come to re-emerge from the alchemy with a renewed voice and sense of value.

Join me on Monday, May 2 at 7pm EST for a Mercury retrograde webinar: Alchemy of Reflection and Experimentation.  I’ll show you how to make the most of the 3 phases of Mercury retrograde and answer your questions on this transformational time.

Prince’s Farewell Full Moon

prince-composite-bh (1)

“A strong spirit transcends rules.”


The Scorpio Full Moon was exact this morning April 22 at 1:23 am with the Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio and the Sun opposing at 2 degrees Taurus.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, death and transformation so it’s poignant that our beloved Prince departed to the land of the ancestors at this time.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern).  Both planets stationed retrograde less than a week ago (read about Mars rx and Pluto rx) and rule Prince’s chart.

The Scorpio Full Moon fell right on his natal Neptune and 2 degrees from his North Node of Destiny, both in Scorpio in the 12th house creating a personal eclipse affect for him.  In March, Saturn – Lord Karma – stationed retrograde opposite his natal Gemini Sun, an indication of the suppression of life force.

It’s as if Lord Karma, the ancestors and angels gathered at the portal of the retrogrades to welcome him as his soul was beckoned home.

It seems a shame that the world loses such a unique and inspiring human being.  When we look back at his life and career – what we know of it at least – he seems like he was born for a special destiny.

And indeed he was.

From his birthchart, we see that Mars – traditional ruler of his Ascendant – was at 0 Aries, the “Aries Point” which begins the zodiac.  To have Mars in it’s rulership there at the most significant degree of the zodiac is an indication of someone with passion, will and directness that can make an impact on the world.  Pluto – the modern ruler of his AC – was conjunct his Midheaven at the anaretic degree of 29 Leo, suggesting urgency and power to be expressed in the outer world through career or public image.

This is someone who had daring to express himself.  Even though his Moon-Mercury square indicated he could be overly sensitive, distrustful and even shy with others, still – he dared to play big and leave it all on the stage.


I didn’t have the pleasure to see Prince in concert, but I do have my own Prince story.  In the mid-90’s as a college student I had a weekend gig as a cigarette girl at his nightclub in South Beach Miami called Glam Slam.

On my first night all dolled up in costume, I was taken upstairs to his ‘lair’ for his aesthetic approval.  He spoke softly and was surprisingly tiny but had a powerful presence.

I never saw him again after that.  He apparently would visit now and then but mostly stayed in his private area upstairs where he could look down on his ‘court’ and witness the dancing and debauchery from above (so very Scorpio of him).  But the nights when we heard that “Prince was in the house” there was a palpable sense of exhilaration in the air.

What I’m thankful for, is that the world was able to witness this being in all his glory.  Even his struggles, insecurities, frustrations and failures we can now see as being part of the whole of who he was.

He showed us how much our spirits truly crave fantasy, sensuality, and excellence.

The truth is, every being is unique, special and worthy of being cherished.  But when we see someone like Prince who took full advantage of his time on Earth – as if ‘Earth School’ were a stage to be performed on itself – it’s such an honor to have witnessed this life.

It takes your breath away.

Thank you, Prince for showing us what it means to follow your calling and give life your best.

Prince has left the building, but the legacy of his strong spirit lives on.



Chart image courtesy of Maurice Fernandez.

Pluto rx |Surrender to the Source of the Soul


Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis, stationed retrograde on April 18 at 17 degrees Capricorn and will turn direct on September 26 at 14 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is retrograde about six months out of every twelve months. It’s the station periods – which are most intense in the days leading up to and following the station – is when it’s potency and power is at it’s most intense.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the Mars retrograde that occurred the day before the Pluto station rx. While their effects melded together somewhat, I felt Pluto needed his own post.

Having both of these planets at a heightened state is a pattern interruption that creates chaos within and without via uncontrollable forces of nature.

Pluto as the symbol of the Soul

In evolutionary astrology, Pluto is a representation of the Soul itself and it’s condition through many lifetimes. It’s the deep, unconscious self.

We may not normally be aware of our unconscious drives and impulses but once they’re brought to the light of awareness, there’s a knowing that resonates deeply. And it’s where our source of power lies.

Jeff Wolf Green writes that the journey of Pluto in retrograde is a dissatisfaction and disassociation from the status quo that breaks up the crystallization of the self in order to evolve.

It’s an emphasized “desire to return to the Source of the Soul.”

Secrets, sex and shame

When Pluto’s in the picture we’re dealing with the long-term issues that aren’t quickly or easily resolved. Pluto is the mythological Lord of the Underworld, so what’s been festering in the dark often is revealed. There’s numerous scandals hitting the news involving secrets revealed around sexual deviancy and the shame associated with it.

Venus in Aries is currently square Pluto rx giving direct expression to our relationship power struggles and impatience. A Kali-like feminine energy arises with the daring to confront the demons and the dark head-on. Though even our courage may need to yield for relationship twists of fate and internal recalibration.


With Pluto, the true power lies in surrendering to the forces of transformation. Pluto rx acts to peel off the ego layer by layer to get to the heart of true essence.

It’s allowing the space for an alchemical ego death to take place before the exquisite metamorphosis.

Some questions for reflection during Pluto rx:
“Where am I stagnating?”
“Where do I continually give my power away?”
“What part of my false ego self is still sabotaging me?”

In astrology, the glyph for Pluto is like a stick figure with arms outstretched to the sky, as if in surrender. That’s the ultimate lesson of Pluto.

Matt Kahn of True Divine Nature says it best –

“Surrender isn’t about giving up, because this life requires your full participation.

It doesn’t have to be intense. It doesn’t have to be with a full grip. But surrender isn’t about giving up. Surrender is actually a journey.

The path of surrender takes you from fearing change to having the self-worth to know that you’re worthy of change. Change becomes the one thing that in most moments life is inviting you to do.

When you surrender, you surrender into change.”